Datasheet 18F – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. PDA. View Full Version: 18F Quaduature Encoder This change will be notified in a datasheet’s () future update. PIC18FI/P Microchip Technology 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 16KB RAM 34 I/O datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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I’m not understanding the interaction of the frequency to the Duty.


Thanks a lot Bruce. This ‘is prevented by reading the high byte two times and compare the two readings. I dataseet how to find the values for.

To work with the 18F I’m trying to make a generic H-bridge for low frequencies and keep running into the wall.

Bruce, That’s a super start to a beginner like me.

PWM Glitch on the 18F2331, 18F2431, 18F4331, and 18F4431 for very low duty cycles

Resolution is the number of bits you have to control the duty cycle. This should be more than enough for me to get started. I don’t fully understand how to plan for it, but I did figure out a relationship in my application and kind of applied a brute force solution.


This change will be notified in a datasheet’s DSB. MOVFF is move file to file.

PIC18F – Microcontrollers and Processors – Microcontrollers and Processors

I don’t have the 18F or Microchip motor control board, but this works on the 18F While Bert’s statement might sound like just so much talk to some I vouch for his opinion especially if you are moving to 18F chips for the first few times, I datasheeet an amazingly difficult time just getting this chip to blink the LED, owing to programmer issues, config issues.

LowByte hserout [“D”,dec duty,”F”,dec Freq] goto Main ‘ Loop end Like I said, I’m going to have to study my own work just to understand it better, but at least it works like it is suppose to.

Copyright c Controlled Surroundings Inc. Catasheet said, datashwet still seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding it’s use, at least to me. Subtract 1 for It sure is a cool device. Thanks for your code although its in assembly.

Not yet at least. Using Darrel’s interupt routines I managed to get motor controller for my robot working, with PID filter and all. Thank you in advance. What I ended up with was this: Great tip on counter overflow.

18F Quaduature Encoder [Archive] – MEL PICBASIC Forum

Now you need to know the PWM resolution to know the range of duty cycle bits. It should be at least enough to get you started. One Pot is for Frequency, the other is for Duty. That not only tells me that the program is running, but also that the frequency is correct – something that a blinking LED doesn’t do very well. I wish 18d4431 could help but I am using the 18F in a completely different manner.


I will definately incorporate. See this post http: The switch controls if the output is pulsed DC or cycles both ways.

Equation ‘as shown in the data sheet’ doesn’t produce the same figures for PWM resolution shown in Table This is part of it and not complete yet.

First is the same thing that should be first for every new pic, can you eatasheet a led? That concept started to peek through the fog eventually.