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Allen-Bradley HN Allen-Bradley HN 8-Pin Screw Terminal Tube Base Socket For Use With Bulletin HR and HX Timing Relays. MPN: HN ✓. Screw Terminal Tube Base Sockets ± Panel or DIN Rail Mounting . Open Style construction. 8 pin for use with DPDT BuIIetin HA reIays, HT. SOCKET Bases-Sockets: Type – General Purpose Relay Socket; Socket Configuration – 8-Pin Octal; Poles – 2; Mounting – DIN Rail or Panel; Construction .

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Energizing Time [ms] Inrush current resistivity is the ability of an SSR to withstand a large surge current for a short period of time.

Use a minimum of one screw at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. If additional suppression is required, connect an external varistor across the load device terminals. The control output is reset when time is up. Rockwell Otomasyon Ticaret A. Additional start signals during timing don’t reset timing or contacts. The only online payment we accept is PayPal.

Items listed as “used” have been used and may show signs of wear, minor surface rust, dirt, minor pitting of metals due to corrosion. Relay timing is reset when additional start signals are applied while the relay is timing.

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When the signal S is closed the time delay t begins, after the time delay is complete the relay contacts R change state. The product may a discontinued product from the manufacturer.

The coil has no polarity. This is a legally binding contract and can only be changed in writing by Oberfrank Industrial Surplus Co. We will not be held liable for any type of loss resulting from this product for any reason. For insurance on shipments outside the U.


Dual-chamber system for terminal cross-sections of 1 x 0. At our option we will either complete the transaction under wrong terms, or cancel the sale. Use the HNC timing relay in interval mode as shown in the following timing charts. For optimum reliability, use contacts designed for low energy switching 10V, 1 mA Example: All contacts return to the shelf state when input power is removed. The item may be cosmetically different then 7000 item you are buying.

Inrush current resistivity is the ability of an SSR to withstand a large surge current for a short period of time. The gate signal provides a pause bn100 retentive timing function.

The timer is reset when the time is up. At time-out, the output contact closes. Present Value Display Main display Character height: This data is non-repetitive. The status of the control output is reversed when time is jn100 OFF at start. For values on a specific coil voltage, contact your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Allen-Bradley distributor.

HN Ser D – Button & Relay

E-stop will work properly if any one fault occurs a fault could be one welded contact or one undesired open connection such as a loose wire. One cycle mode; started by energizing B1 with voltage on A1 and A2. Load Input SF Varistor: When the signal S is closed and then opened, the relay contacts R change state immediately and the time delay t begins. Apply power U to timer. No external voltage should be connected to the contact signal.


The maximum operating frequency is 10 Hz.

Users are required to familiarize themselves with installation and wiring instructions in addition to requirements of all applicable codes, laws, and standards.

R Reset Signal The reset signal is not required for normal operation. The following operating modes are possible: At the end of the 1 sec period the contacts return to the hn10 state. When the signal is opened, the time delay t begins. After the time delay begins, opening or closing the signal will not reset the time delay.

Allen Bradley 700-HN100, 700hn100 TYPE H 8 PIN SOCKET

Timing is hn1100 when the input power is applied. The control output is controlled using a sustained or one-shot time period.

Hold down this key continuously to increase values quickly.

A low energy signal is generated by the HR timing relay. Energizing Time [ms] 10 8 6 4 0 20 30 50 2 10 Inrush Current [A.

Allen Bradley hn Ser a Relay Socket 8 Pin 10a vac | eBay

The reset signal can be either momentary or maintained. OFF-time unit selector select hn10 from sec, 10 s, min. The output contact returns to shelf state at the end of the time delay. The totalizing count range is 0… Reset Indicator orange 4. First, we should point out that we only sell quality product and our return rate is less than 0.

If the time range is 0 min, 0 h, 0.