Buy ASME BPE: BIOPROCESSING EQUIPMENT from SAI Global. The next edition of this Standard is scheduled for publication in This Standard represents the work of the BPE Standards Committee and includes the follow- ASME BIOPROCESSING EQUIPMENT COMMITTEE. ASME BPE Supplement. Supplement to Bioprocessing Equipment. Amendment by ASME International, 05/19/ This document is an amendment.

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Not too restrictive or expensive?

Coupon welds are done at specified intervals throughout the project such as at the beginning of a shift, equipmdnt the power supply is moved, etc. Orbital welding in a clean facility done in accordance with the BPE Standard assured the compliance to hygienic design concepts. Contaminants other than oxygen, including moisture, oil or grease on the tubing, etc.

ASME BPE 修改说明介绍_图文_百度文库

A new BPE edition for was released for publication in October, New Supplier Certification Program! ASME BPE has emerged as the definitive equipmenr standard on bioprocessing equipment and facilities, covering the subjects ofmaterials, design, fabrication, inspections, testing, and certification.

While the BPE Standard specifies what the end result must be, it does not provide guidelines for installers telling them how to achieve the desired results. Certificate of Authorization issued to qualified component suppliers. Weld discoloration was shown to increase with increasing amounts of oxygen added to the ID argon purge.


This publication will include new content on the design of process systems such as bioreactors, fermentors, autoclaves, process gasses, CIP distribution and single-use equipment.

Compendial Water Pump Seals? New acceptance criteria for passivated product contact surfaces? Summary The last 20 years bioprodessing seen dramatic improvements in fabrication technol-ogy. Consistent dimensions are important as the welding current is based on wall thickness. Weld Inspection and Examination has become more systematic in recent years. This assures that procedures are consistenly carried out and increases the likelyhood that all welds will be of similar high quality.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In addition, the facility is arranged so that fabrication is performed in areas where the product contact surfaces are protected from contamination and surface contamination is pre-vented.

Buoprocessing figure allows owners, installing contractors and QA people to agree in advance to the amount of weld discoloration acceptable for a particular appli-cation. This means that all of the materials and components must be inspected prior to installation and provision for weld inspection and documentation must happen biopeocessing the manufacture of the skid.

ASME BPE Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Equipment

The BPE Surface Finish Subcommit-tee has added a new non-mandatory appendix to the Edition of BPE that offers guidelines to owners for qualification of their passivation proce-dures. Each weld has a unique number and the locatiion of any weld in a facility can be traced to a particular isometric drawing creating a weld map Equpment 6.


One facility has to be accepted by: Meets 3 times annually to: The Qualifications for Inspectors and Examiners must also be included. The location of the assembly is shown on the weld map with equipmenf position of each weld numbered.

The BPE has also been expanded to include new sections on process instrumentation, hygienic pumps, hygienic hose assemblies and rotary spray devices. Material chemistry is important because stainless steel shows considerable heat to heat variation in weldability so that weld parameters that produced successful welds on one heat of material would need considerable adjustment for other heats.

Go to a meeting and listen to the Subcommittee Sessions. Orbital welding has been central to this advancement while standardiza-tion of weld end dimensions equipmen chemistry by the BPE have resulted in more repeatable welding procedures.

If you want to vote on changes and updates to an international standard. This presentation will summarize the new BPE resources and requirements for the design and delivery of components and process systems for use in bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, and personal care product industries.

ASME BPE – Wikipedia

Should I become a member? If you have the time and interest to be y an active participant. Process Gas System Design?