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The main disappointment was that Noteedit may have been taken out of Debian. November — completed peapod 2.

[ceph-commit] branch wip-jd-testing updated. v10.0.3-2624-gdf831a4

I cut one piece, making allowance for the screen tunnels and od shapes. Drill for oar pegs. Pick up shop a bit.

Must be SU to get the heat. You should have support on fence side of the blade for the thin pieces you are about to make. It just seemed to be moving the old varnish around without taking it off.

The bottom peg just broke out of the glue joint fairly clean. First I areated again.


[ceph-commit] branch wip-jd-testing updated. vgdfa4

Got a coat of varnish on it. Another coat of stain for the bench. Run one of the slices through. The second rip thickness becomes the carvel plank thickness. This is done by tracing the full size pattern from the plan in the book. Scanners and readers for OBDC2 are getting pretty reasonable, but if you want one that reads the old cars, they cost money.

Emacs Online Documentation

And a 3 volume history of aviation in Iowa — Extremely detailed, places and names. This may not be as thick as the last time I did this. I augotools ratchet style bar clamps instead of the kind with hand screws. The dashboard lights in my car are still not done as the store computer called out as does the qutotools manual. When I got there, he was about to ring up the sail.

So I cut off most of what I could reach.

Donita asked me to get the chaise lounge from under the house. He comes home later than expected.

But even so, and even with the rain we had last week, the soil is like a brick in most places. When the stack was dry, I checked if for fit.


He suggested that I go up the road to Banks Appliance which I did. Autotpols care of the cats. I still cannot figure out what to do to make it know about French characters. When the pieces just fit, I glued them in place. Taper and glue the next bow plank.

Want to discuss the results with Phillip. At one point, Donita asked me to replace the hangers on four hanging pots.

CalcNote – Notepad Calculator 2.16.41 APK

Get the straight pieces as as straight as possible. They did help with that. The other problem is that we are talking about fairly tight pieces here. I put it back on and did another project for a while.