Zitadelle des Zauberers, Die by Jackson, Steve. Edition: 2. softcover. fast ohne Mängel, höchstens einmal gelesen. Bibliographic information. QR code for Die Zitadelle des Zauberers. Title, Die Zitadelle des Zauberers Volume 2 of Ein Fantasy-Abenteuer-Spiel-Buch. Get this from a library! Die Zitadelle des Zauberers. [Steve Jackson].

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Jackson Steve –

And when I did finally reach him, the battle really did feel like an epic boss confrontation that zitadslle a hallmark of so many classic video-games. Australia, Wizard Books, Crown of Kings Fighting Fantasy. Learning 72 pages, bibliography, appendices.

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Thanks to Brett Easterbrook for scans of the jagged and unnumbered versions of the second cover and to Ryan Lynch for the Scholastic cover images. More reviews by Demian. While sometimes frustrating and even very random at times, I like the idea of needing certain items in order to advance to subsequent areas.

Science Fiction and Fantasy. Illustration de Peter andrew Jones. Many of my instant deaths occurred at this point; I spent the majority of my 30 reads trying to either take an alternative route to bypass the Ganjees which, from my experience, one cannot do or to find that must-have magical item needed to advance.


When you place your order through Biblio, the seller will ship it directly to you. Nombreuses photos en noir zaberers blanc, hors-texte. Antiquariaat Essef Professional seller. Antiquariaat Klondyke Professional seller.

Illustrations de john Blanche. More reviews by Enigmatic Synergy. Carmarthenshire Rare Books Professional seller.

Item – The Citadel of Chaos – Demian’s Gamebook Web Page

You are a wizard-in-training sent to infiltrate the citadel zitadeloe Balthus Dire, an evil demi-sorcerer. Personally, I found this showdown to be almost equivalent to the video-game showdown of Link and Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda: What makes Biblio different?

Paperback; ; Veloce Publishing Ltd; pp.

Cyan devilsboy Fireguard – US version, in decent shape Gartax Gibraltar Ian – Edition Wizard Books kinderstef – x 2 one classic, one with whirlwind woman cover Luke mattender Pirrakas snakefire77 – one britisch edition in very good condition twar – UK 2nd Printing.

National Youth Bureau, Sign In Register Help Basket. As stated in other reviews, I found the final confrontation with Balthus Dire to be quite intense and memorable. However, I would say that the book overall is fairly unmemorable – with lack of a strong theme. A little creasing of the book corners and there is a large triangular case to the lower left-hand corner of the rear panel.

Bookseller Completion Rate This reflects the percentage of orders the seller has received and filled. The first word that comes to mind after having finally completing it is wow! All sorts of strange things happen in it, and you meet some weird animals.


9783522138604 – Die Zitadelle des Zauberers. Ein Fantasy Abenteuer Spiel Buch by Steve Jackson

It’s also true that you can roll extremely awful ability scores yet still emerge victorious. Shrewsbury, Airlife Publishing Ltd.

The first thing that struck me about this book was its magic system, which isn’t nearly as interesting as Steve Jackson’s later work on Sorcery! After having been so accustomed to the traditional Choose Your Own Adventure -style gamebooks with little to no advanced role-playing mechanics like diceI was amazed by the pure breadth of options available on seemingly every progression in the book made possible through the use of the book’s stat-keeping and dice-rolling.

Die Zitadelle des Zauberers : Ein Abenteuer-Spielbuch

I also found that some of his encounters like the whirlwind-woman feel utterly pointless and silly. Sterling condition hardcover copy, gift-quality. Perhaps this is because it took me a multitude of attempts to finally reach the bad man himself, as was the case in the Zelda video-game.