Differences between LSMW and BDC. Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that SAP provided since the early versions of. Difference Between LSMW and BDC – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BDC means Batch Data Communication and is used to upload mass data at a given time. 2 What is the difference between LSMW and BDC.

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You are running a report. DI programs are not available for all application areas. Here i collected some sample programs from various objects in ABAP useful for beginners to improve Technical skills. What are different import types for data uploading in LSMW. Start of screen d. Has 4 methods for uploading data. As per my experience ,practice makes you perfect ,as a technical consultant ,should be ready to develop any object based on the need of client ,then only ,we will get appreciation from client and from our team side and it helps us to develop complex objects in SAP.

If i created a new field in a table i want to see the field is created by befween LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who do not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality while BDC is designed for a technical consultant.


What is the difference between LSMW and BDC?

In Call Transactionthe transactions are triggered at the time of processing itself and so the ABAP program must do the error handling. What type of internal table should be created for call transaction. LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant differencee do not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality.

What are the methods for uploading data. Minimal coding almost nil. Is BDC synchronous or asynchronous. BDC basically for customized application.

Differences between LSMW and BDC

Legacy data means Cleansing data and Purging the data After the Legacy data creation convert the data in to the “Flat file”. It is basically a program either generated by SAP after a recording or programmed by a abaper. Posted by Vaibhav at 9: To listout some of the differences:. While bdc basically uses recording. The latter technique has a built-in error processing mechanism too. LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant because they don not know coding.

difference between LSMW and BDC

The user has to format the data using predefined structures and store it in a flat file. SAP Scripts require a driver program to display the output whereas in smartforms the form routines can be written so that it is standalone.

BDC can be done using recording or programming methods as well as LSMW can be done using step by step configuration of data. What are the features or important object types in the Data Dictionary? Now lxmw us learn the one by one methods. Does require programming knowledge. Uploading cannot be done for specific set of records.


What is the Difference between BDC and LSMW

Hence we can modify it according to our needs. Tell differrence the specific table name which is contained all the user details. The transaction is then started using this internal table as the input and executed in the background.

We cannot group logically related BDC 4. The Upload functionality if used for.

BDC is developer made method while LSMW is provided by SAP directly and hence u dont need to code anything, just need to follow those 14 steps in order to upload the flat file. Reduced Data entry errors Reduced pro….

In BDCwe can schedule the job, so the uploading can be done at the same time or later periodically while in LSMW it has to be done at once only. That flat file is in the form of text file or excel format.

Flat file can be Text file or Excel File.