Dua Mashlool with Urdu translation: Dua Mashlool with Urdu Subtitles – Best Recitation. Dua Mashlool with Urdu Subtitles – Best Recitation. Apr 17, 1st on App Store, Dua-e-mashlool (Arabic: دعإِ مشلول), in original Arabic script with translation in English, Farsi, Urdu languages and also.

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O He Who gathers all scattered things! Udu Lord of might and force! Protect me from the evil that I am unable to bear. O He Who is worshipped and thankful! It eradicates poverty and sickness. O Severe in punishing the evildoers!

Dua e Mashlool Mola Ali urdu

Sins are for given. O He Who fortified John, the son of Zachariah, against sins. O Reliever; O Helper. What is it about?

O Answerer of prayers. O Backing of him who has no backing! Then and there Imam Ali ibn abi Talib as wrote his dua’a and gave it to him with instruction to recite after Isha salat. I please You, O my Master. O You that makes breezes blow. O Supporter of those who have no support; O Guarantor of those who have no guarantee; O Wealth of those who have no wealth; O Means of those who have no strength; O Refuge of those who have no refuge; O Treasure of those who have no treasure; O Helper of those who have no helper; O Neighbor of those who have no neighbor.


I beseech You by every Name with which You have named Yourself. O You on whose throne no one can set foot! O You that are “He”. O He Who is exalted and dominates!

O He Who chose Moses by spoken words! O He Who gave Zachariah the good news of the birth of John! The Supplication of the Lame Man. O Urxu that did save Nooh from drowning. O Lord of Honor and Supremacy.

O You more generous than the most generous.

Dua Mashlool Urdu Translation – Urdu –

O Protecting neighbor of those that seek Your neighborhood. AppAdvice does not own this application and only provides images and links contained in the iTunes Search API, to help our users find the best apps to download. O Eternal and Absolute. O He Who enriches the miserable pauper! It is a supplication that Imam Ali as taught a youth who was stricken by his sin and paralysed due to disobeying mashlook father uedu treating him with contempt.

He saw the Holy Prophet sa in the dream.

Dua Mashlool Urdu Translation – Urdu

O Store of him who has no store! All your legitimate desires will be fulfilled. O You that takes pity on the aged and decrepit. O Patron of the believers!


Dua e Mashlool Mola Ali urdu by Syed Mohsin Raza

O He Whom none knows what He is. O Lord of majesty and honor!

O ultimate Goal of those that aspire. Then you may pray Almighty Allah to grant you your personal requests and they will be granted, Allah willing. O Guide; O Magnanimous. O Ever-living, there is no God but You. O He Who sponsors good things! O You of Exalted position. Verily Allah is the Honoured, the Wise” O Light of the earth and the heavens! O You that are distant yet near.

They approached him for consolation and learnt about his sorry plight. O Acceptor of repentance; O Ever-forgiving. Surely, He is the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate. O You for Whom alone are both destiny and disposal. O Lord of Majesty and Generosity. O Refuge of the fearful. It drives away poverty and sickness. O Intimate of everyone alone! O He Who is every day upon some labor! O He Who is not encompassed by thoughts.