Get SEC filings for Firstsource Solutions Ltd (FSL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). The report had been provided to the Northern Territory Government on 30 April , . The first source is the Stronger Futures consultations undertaken in the . The Financial impact of this Bill is put in the Explanatory Memorandum as – 98aaca1cd0e//;fileType=application%2Fpdf: ‘The. filings like the K and Q data, the EDGAR site is a first-source repository for the . Loughran and McDonald () link the tone of the annual report .. on a form having at least one non-robot request (of any file type).

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The Australian government response to what looks awfully like policy failure is to promulgate more of the same. These are extraordinarily high rates unimagined in the broader community. In the last mentioned it was concluded: The Secretary can initiate firstsoure assessment of a community store and can require an authorised officer to make this assessement. It also defines food security matters as. The latter will be the whole of the Northern Territory other than such areas as Alice Springs and Darwin where the choice is deemed to be sufficient to ensure adequate access to a reasonable range of fresh food and groceries.

Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill – Parliament of Australia

In assessing the store the authorised officer may consult with whoever the authorised officer considers appropriate proposed section If access to the store or documents is required then written notice must be given at least ten business days beforehand unless the period is shorter by agreement. There can be negotiations about the time to pay the relevant amount under proposed section 92 and the infrigement notice can be withdrawn under proposed section There is little chance that children will go hungry, as a Centrelink social worker will be assigned to their case from the beginning to help avoid such outcomes, and they will be able to receive meals as soon as they attend school, where meals are provided [29].

They must also provide an authorised officer with documents relevant to auditing and monitoring compliance, although interestingly there is no requirement to comply with such a request if it tends to incriminate or expose the person to a penalty. It allows the Commonwealth to pursue breaches of civil penalty provisions as a debt payable to the Commonwealth. Similarly proposed section 73 imposes a requirement to provide compellable information for an assessment and failure to comply with a written request in the relevant time frame incurs a criminal penalty under proposed subsection 3.


Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows:. Part 4—Food Security is the largest part of the Bill.

Decisions made under these provisions are subject to review under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal AAT proposed section Part 4—Food security Proposed Part 4 involves extensive regulations, including innovative and flexible approaches to enforcement provisions.

These regulations are immediately effective on commencement and operate as if the changes had been made by the NT Parliament. The state policy of normalisation is not delivering even by its own benchmarks.

In such cases, while the need to consult is extended to the relevant Land Council, the same approach applies whereby a failure to consult does not affect the validity of the subsequent regulations proposed subsection 35 5. Thus Amanda Midlam suggested:.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Members, Senators and Parliamentary staff can obtain further information from the Parliamentary Library on 02 Part 2 — Tackling Alcohol Abuse is the most significant section of the Bill.

It will be interesting to see the views of the Scrutiny of Bills Committee on these provisions, since the strict liability provisions do not seem congruent with the overall tone of the Bill and the necessity for this formula is unclear.

The latest reports, touted by the minister as proving the benefits of some NTER programs, do not support her claims. A series of reports in October and November have made it quite clear that the intervention, currently re-labelled the National Partnership Agreement to Close the Gap in the Northern Territory, is having limited measurable impacts for residents of prescribed communities.

Pepsi ipl 2013 pdf

The undertaking must be phrased as an undertaking under this section proposed subsections 96 1 and 2. The legal professional filetyep is preserved in proposed section and whatever NT laws are capable of operating concurrently with the Part are preserved by proposed section For example Bob Durnan comments.

Recorded school enrolment and attendance has declined from High levels of alcohol consumption have been repeatedly identified in reports as a principle factor contributing to the level of child abuse, assault, social dysfunction, foetal Alcohol Spectrum of Disorders and other problems in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

It may be a drafting oversight not to have applied the offence provisions to regulate the placement of the relevant signs under proposed Division 2.


Firstsource Solutions Ltd(FSL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

Some, such as Professor Jon Altman have argued that the evidence simply does not support assertions that NTER originating measures are having the desired positive effect in key areas of education, health, crime, employment and housing, concluding:.

When Bills have been passed and have received Royal Assent, they become Acts, which can be found at the ComLaw website at http: There are defences to these offences for people in a boat engaged in recreational boating or commercial fishing activities proposed subsections 75B 2 or 75C 2 and for those who are on organised tours proposed subsections 75B 4 and 75C 4. In that period there has also been a rhetorical shift in indigenous affairs policy. And the gap in child protection indicators between indigenous and non-indigenous has increased across the NT for a range of indicators.

The Explanatory Memorandum suggests the Bill recognises that community stores differ greatly and that the regulation should be tailored to its individual circumstances. The alcohol protected area is defined later in the Part proposed Division 7.

Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows: The report details how school attendance has declined since Once the relevant notice has been given and any submissions have been considered the Secretary may make a determination on this matter which must then be communicated to the relevant parties, along with relevant information such as the timeframe for applying for a licence, and the need to do so proposed section Under proposed section 68 the Secretary or the authorised officer must give written notice to the owner and manager of the assessment and its purpose along with the name of the relevant officer s.

Division 3 —Determining whether a community store is required to be licensed It falls to the Secretary to determine whether the owner of a community store is required to hold a licence proposed section Thus Amanda Midlam suggested: This notice must specify the reasons and invite written submissions within a specified time frame proposed section