Download PDF Printer setup · Download Ghostscript Lite setup · Download PDF Power Tool setup · Download Xpdf setup. You can now copy this folder to an. I have switched over to a new computer and uses bullzip PDF printer on a daily basis but seem to struggle to download the ghostscript lite to. Download GhostScript Lite for free. GhostScript Lite is a MSI installer of Ghostscript Lite – the lite version of open source interpreter for.

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New setting ‘textfilename’ to save the content of the print job as text. Trial message is now a link for more information. Farsi language was added. Implementation of the DeviceList setting was improved.

By default the watermark will now behave as a stamp and be placed on top of the print. Additional GUI improvements and localization. To prepare for an offline installation you simply download these files to the same folder: Status file now supports Unicode and UTF-8 encoding with descriptors.

The printer can now extract text information from the print job. Support Forum Support Form.

You can find a couple of video guides at the Bullzip YouTube channel. This requires that you are the owner of the content. Use “general” PPD setting in printing dialog. In this model your users are subject to the normal license conditions and must buy a license if they have more than 10 users per company. New Merge function in API that supports font embedding. Translations updated Afrikaans, Russian. Works with Windows 10, 8.


Limited support for PStill converter was added. The maintenance agreement covers support and free upgrades for a period of one year.

Override port log file folder with registry setting.

It now removes additional Microsoft Office extensions. Setting usedefaultauthor bulzip default set to yes. Creates output folder if it doesn’t exist. Better cleanup during uninstall. For commercial applications with more that 10 users there is a commercial version of the product available at http: Support for Windows x64 64 bit edition.

FREE PDF Printer

Unstall no longer removes additional printers. A named user is defined as a person that may or may not have multiple devices. Support for custom license agreements.

Click to load comments. FIPS compliance detection added for new operating systems.

I am struggling to download ghostscript lite for bullzip pdf printer

This is not common for most other solutions that can package an executable installer. Fixed copying sample configuration files for custom printer names. This licensing type requires one license per named user with access to use the software. The previous version could only detect Ghostscript 8. Support for Ghostscript 9. You can use it if you are in a small company with less than 10 installations or you want to use the software for personal projects.


Fix for selecting the correct file extension when using the Save As dialog. One user can use the software on multiple devices with just one user license. There are licensing models for both educational and non-profit organizations. Both OnSuccess and OnError event handlers fired on error and success. Download light weight Xpdf distribution here 1.

Now you are ready to print from your other applications. New GhostscriptTimeout setting in configuration files. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

Fix of problem with the Save As dialog. New devices are pswrite and psraw. Support for pdftk in superimpose operations. GUITimeout defaults to 0 for better performance on multi user systems.

Build your PDF Printer MSI Installer

If your language is not listed then you just add a new column and write the name of your language. PostScriptOutputOption to control the output options of the driver. Requires latest gslite 8.