It is a broadly described annual report of GrameenPhone Limited in the year of In Grameenphone has paid to Bangladesh Government BDT It is a broadly described annual report of GrameenPhone Limited in the year of The collective contribution to the National Exchequer since inception. Subject: Internship Research Report on “Financial Performance Analysis of GrameenPhone. Ltd”. . In , Grameenphone formed a.

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Share capital 13,, Share capital 13,, 13,, 0 0. They provide services for Bangladeshi people and earn profit. By doing my internship there I learned a lot of things. Grameenphone received a license for cellular graameenphone operation in Bangladesh from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on November 28, Since there exiting debt to equity ratio is almost high, it is strongly recommended ii.

Annual Report 2010

In tothe Company has integrated its technological expertise with social projects to bring positive changes in the life of general people ensuring better sustainability. However, regardless of its size, it performs very well all over of its organization. Loans and borrowings 0.

Owners of the company Presently, there are about 50 million telephone users in the country, of which, a little over one million are fixed-phone users and the rest mobile phone subscribers. He was finally successful in forming a consortium with Telenor and Grameen Bank to establish Grameenphone.


Annual Report | Grameenphone

Loans and borrowings , 0. Share capital 13, – 10, Share premium 7, 7, Capital reserve 14, 14, Deposit from shareholders 1, 1, General reserve Retained earnings 9, 21, Or, to improve the debt to earnings ratio and reducing the bankruptcy risk, the company should give concentration paid-off the debt or reducing the payout ratio.

Help Center Find new research papers in: In this assignment we compare income statement and balance sheet with yeas to That way Bangladesh earns lots of tax and other economic benefit from those cell-phone companies. Ratio-Trends Analysis From to Debt equity ratio is fluctuating over its annual performance.

Annual Report of GrameenPhone Limited – Assignment Point

Conclusion GrameenPhone is one of the largest multinational companies of Bangladesh. Owners of the company 10,, Or, if the company has any unsold common stock, then the company may issue right share to raise the fund iii. GrameenPhone is now one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Rpeort with more than 23 million subscribers as of December We also mention the overview of Grameenphone. Basic earnings per share par value 7.


Loans and borrowings 8. General and administrative expenses GrameenPhone is also one the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed more than BDT 24, core in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the years.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Loans and borrowings 11, The company has invested more than BDT 17, core to build the network infrastructure since its inception in Recently in they have introduced their IPO Bangladesh is a developing country.

Being one of the pioneers in developing the GSM service in Europe, Telenor has also helped to transfer this knowledge to the local employees over the years. Click here to sign up. Basic earnings per share par value Tk 7.

They earn lots of profit from their business.