How To Pentest With BackTrack. The leader in IT security magazines. This hard to find magazine showcases step by step methods for today s. il – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Network Security SET – Get The Best Network Security Skills with Hakin9′s . In Hakin9 Starter Kit – Web App Hacking you will find many articles, written as.

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Quite a few bounced or came back with an automated “I’m not working here anymore” but a good chunk were delivered.

Hakin9 Starter Kit №03 [PDF] – Все для студента

Learn how your comment data is processed. They cause billions of dollars of loss to companies and organizations. So I figured that if Ewelina couldn’t do anything to control her staff then I’d see if I could find someone who could. These distributions give us the possibility and ease of having an operating system ready to do ztarter kinds of hacking and pentesting. I could continue the above sentence writing a lot more words but I would prefer to put them all in a… ZIP, and call it: The message came back that they didn’t pay for articles but you got a free copy of the edition you were in and the kudos of being having your work published.

The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website.

I politely explained that I wasn’t interested and forgot about it. So I replied asking what they were looking for and how much they were offering for an article. But what exactly is a denial of service attack?

The message simply pointed the reader to the various articles mentioned above along with this post. Seeing as they charge readers kot the magazine I decided that I didn’t like the idea that they would be profiting from my work and so turned them down.

Pictures, documents, sounds, emails, opinions, arguments, etc. If they had been giving away the content for free then I might have considered it. That should mean no more mails sharter So, for now, thank you Ewa for putting the policies in place and lets hope they work. She offered to put a hakkn9 page on their staretr containing the contact information required, I agreed kir was a good idea and the pages were created within minutes.


Login Login with linkedin. I’ve also seen requests on mailing lists and forums. Apparently they are completely different and have no connection with each other apart from having the same parent company. I dug out my very long list of email addresses Stwrter collected for anyone associated with the Hakin9 group and replied to the request cc’ing everyone in.

Support The Site I don’t get paid for any of the projects on this site so if you’d like to support my work please use the link below when buying from Amazon and I will receive a small commission on all purchases.

Social Engineering Toolkit are presented and the final phase is to analyze stadter results. He also offered the following advice on how to not be contacted by their various magazines: As with Hakin9 when they started promising things I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but if I do start hearing of spam from them then expect another follow up article.

Another benefit is the portability: As usual, our Hakin9 Starter Kit will provide you with plenty of knowledge!

Blog, Hakin9 – Spam Kings – DigiNinja

I know I could just set up a mail filter and dump everything from software. About 3 years ago I got an email from an assistant editor for Hakin9 magazine asking if I’d be interested in writing an article for them. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Starrer the time I was thinking about trying to earn a bit of cash on the side writing articles so was interested.

She apologised and I thought “here we go again” but after some back and forth emails she sent me a screenshot which shows access to various sites being blocked on their office network. So, what am I trying to achieve with this blog post. Normally I just ignore them or reply asking to be taken off their lists.

Hakin9. Starter Kit 2011 №02

Login Login with facebook. In the end I gathered a list of addresses[ 3 ] hakkin9 sent them all a polite email saying that I wasn’t interested in writing for them. The solution isn’t perfect but nothing will stop a rogue editor from contacting anyone they want, it just can’t be done.


I’ve been assured by him that they won’t be sending out spam requests and that articles will only be written by people they already know. Out came the toolbox and I started looking for email addresses.

Thanks to our step-by-step tutorials and detailed studies you will gain plenty of valuable information and practical skills. Usually the people always choose distributions prepared with all kinds of tools such as Kali or Backbox Linux.

I also had a complain about it on Twitter and managed to get the attention of the Hakin9 Twitter account [ 1 ]. Relevance of the study due to the fact that with increased number of users of social networks, the number of attacks carried out by hackers to steal personal information and use of your user account in order to send unauthorized messages called spam is also raised.

The general response was “Sorry I can’t do anything about them”.

If everyone is to be believed, this list the list of people who should be able to make a difference and react: Login Login with twitter.

Iacobuzio This article aims to demonstrate fundamental Social Engineering principles and to present Social Engieneering Attacks techniques, such as Site Cloner. Before writing this article I was sometimes receiving a couple of mails from one of the Hakin9 team per week however, in the past six months, I’d not received a single one, till yesterday.

Is the company sorry, I think they realised that they lost a lot of credibility with the DICKS article and are trying to rebuild that. I wasn’t particularly surprised when on the 6th, the day after the above messages, I got another request. From this I had a mail back from Maciej Kozuszek who works for PenTest Magazine, he offered to set up the same list for his people and would work with Hakin9 to make sure the list was shared.