( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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Theosophia Practica by Gitchel

But it is sad that out of thirty there was jjohann who remained firm, who placed his faith in Jesus, and who alone can celebrate the omnipotence of the love of God. If I had not PRACTICED this with great difficulty for thirty years, I would never have come to the certainty that I possessed, by the grace of God, and the Devil mocking Christ and all his dear children, would have locked me up again in that dark prison, from which Jesus took me by his blood and his death, and hid my beautiful pearl.

Each fire has set its pracica CENTER and covets the particular food which is agreeable to it; and he takes no other, which is why men practca different ways of living. Having acquired at school an acquaintance with Greek, Hebrew, Syriac and even Arabic, he proceeded to Strasbourg to study theology; but finding geor theological prelections of J. The reader will be grateful to us for having followed the FIGURES with some words of explanation; we did it because the Spirit of God was revealed and dictated to us the necessary words.

This life, with the seven forms of outer Nature, insinuates itself to the heart, to the sun, whose root is in the fire, from which it derives its splendor and its brightness. Georrg correspondence was published without his knowledge by Gottfried Arnold, a disciple, in 2 vols.

Boehme, incarnation, pratica I, chap. Thus the Devil remains covered, and we, pious people, who live without a cross, think to be blessed without trial, and enter without suffering into the kingdom of God. I do not speak of those who hang onto the thread and pass through the MAGIC Fire of the Wrath at the price of inexpressible pains; But of those for whom intercession will have no effect and who do not to know how to soften: Thus this Melchizedek priesthood of the new covenant demands much more, because the complete divine service demands a complete renunciation of all earthly love.


But who makes of you a personal humanimal who lives according to your pleasure and your conveniences of the external carnal life, jihann cross or opposition, which does not call the Christ, who feels neither hunger nor thirst for the celestial presence and who incessantly strives after honors and fortune.

Johann Georg Gichtel

The soul leaves humility and equanimity and then returns to self-love, thinking that it is its own Fire that can work and produce these miracles, and not the igneous MAGIC and its own prayer: When man tears his soul from the divine light, and when he lays his life in the outer constellation, his soul becomes the seven-headed red dragon, ridden by the prostitute of the constellation of outer understanding and fights the Most High in the abyss of Light, as explained in the next chapter.

Then God said that it was not good for Adam to be alone, that he needed a helper. To deny everything; to give up our own life, for if we want to be perfect disciples, the SPIRITUS MUNDIwhich is the righteousness of God, takes into account all the corruptible and even of our earthly life, and takes everything away, up to the shirt, as well what happened to me and to others.

If all the senses were melted into one, they would have only one will and always do the same thing; how could the wonders and powers of divine wisdom be recognized and FIGURED by the temperament? The evil spirits take their place, and rank themselves on both sides on the banks, and cannot make a movement without the permission of Jesus. A prayer full of faith is then very necessary, as my faithful Savior brought me; although, in the beginning, it seemed strange and repugnant to me, because I had been so taught in schools.

Then the Holy Spirit comes to meet us in our heart, kisses and embraces our desire, and puts us back in theossophia presence of our dear celestial Father, in the majestic Secret Theosopyia, by Jesus, as Joseph did with his father and of five younger brothers. I recognize that they are very thinly scattered in our time, and that they can easily be counted. He who prays to God for His Holy Spirit, without ceasing, will find the best and safest way, and receive a guide who will lead him into all abysses, open all the locks and doors to him; as testified by them, and who by their example teach all enlightened men; apart from that, jihann is found.


This is well known to those who have been invited to this wedding. For the paradisiacal body is destroyed and unknown. This is the description of the three worlds in man according to body, soul and spirit. Reason can torture Scripture and derive false interpretations; the life and the lessons of Christ remain ojhann quite opposed to the Adamic Natural Life; and he who possesses something in his will cannot be a true regenerated Christian.

God, as God, has nothing before or behind Him that He may want; but when He wants something, this thing comes out of Him, it is an opposition He thdosophia to Himself, or the eternal Will desires that thing. Then the soul returns to Egypt for its terrestrial reason, and accepts, seizes and assimilates what it receives in the CASUAL as a divine sending and not as a diabolical test; it does not pray with application, instead from fearing the tempter theosopgia keeping itself exactly in the path of Christ.

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Thank you for your feedback. How it laments, how it cries and how it sobs! For what we see of man is, with the exception of the word and the natural regimen of sensible understanding, common to all animals, in the mother earth; and many would desire that there should be no resurrection, that their deeds may not come to light.

Woe to him who has delayed this care, for he will scream and grind his teeth, he will curse the day of his thheosophia, and he will wish he had never lived; — see Jer.

These notions have inflamed many souls who have searched to find the little pearl; and some of them have found it here or there, which has vowed them to love and prayer.

This love is more theoeophia than death, than a stream can quench. This includes Regeneration; the spark of faith shines in the depths of the soul; the heart passes through the Fire of Anguish, into the holy burning of those who trust and surrender to God, and Jesus desires a stature in the heart.

The first Christians sold their fields and put everything in common, and Jerusalem remained standing.