Jon Krakauer’s “Three Cups of Deceit,” published online this week, is even more damning. He quotes many former C.A.I. employees who are. Greg Mortenson, the bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea, is a man who has built a global reputation as a selfless humanitarian and children’s. Greg Mortenson, the bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea, is a man who has built a global reputation as a selfless humanitarian and children&rsquo.

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It is astonishing to me that people continue to write and publish fictionalized nonfiction books, but the evidence certainly seems to be clear that that is exactly what Mortenson has done. I know what it’s like to show the world how tough you are by pouring cupz into dangerous endeavors and extreme sports.

Kraukaur, who never did anything to benefit any of the participants in any of the stories that made him rich. The book claims that he was held captive by local thugs, not Taliban. Yes, the Taliban was present in both Pakistan and Afghanistan during In 70 pages, Three Cups of Deceit managed to destroy one of my heroes–and I don’t mean Greg Mortenson, whom the book means to demonize.

Three Cups of Deceit

When someone donates, especially in these times when fewer people can donate or must donate less, the donor wants to know that his money is being used wisely, is being stretched as far as it can for the purpose intended. Archived from the original PDF on The controversy over Mortenson’s work and actions hurts all nonprofits. Greg, twelve years her senior, had appointed himself her protector. How can you criticize Boukreev for his acclimatization schedule when he was the only one positioned to help anyone.

Krakauer raises serious, pervasive doubts about the work Mortenson has done and the manner in whi This is probably the saddest book I’ve ever read. Then krakaker use one grant to get awards and grants from other including.


What gives me the right to make such a claim, other than the fact that it’s apparent on every page? But instead of fitting with the text, that fury undermines Krakaeur’s credibility: My sense tells me Mortensen has always been a greedy, self-serving egotist.

It would explain why Mortenson talks to terrorists…. But, when Krakauer discovers he’s been duped, Jon becomes a ravenous dog slavering to track his prey, Mortenson, and ferret out the truth about the saint with feet of clay.

When donors entrust their money to an agency, they deserve accurate accounting as to where their money is going. What is more shocking, though, than just another writer making false claims is the charges Krakauer makes about Mortenson’s mismanagement of his foundation and the outright malfeasance. Of course I do hope charity will fulfill its mission without him and I thrse even more that he’ll face the justice. Hoping to get an autograph from Mortenson, hundreds of fans were holding copies of his rkakauer, which had spent the previous four years and two months on the New York Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list, and showed every sign of remaining there well into the future.

Maybe we need karkauer rethink that philosophy, especially when the messenger is a goddamned jerk. Views Read Edit View history. May 03, Minutes. Tom Paulson is founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere.

Ten sips from “Three Cups of Deceit” — starting in Seattle

Greg did some wrong, that is clear, but he also did much right – and Krakeur seems to spend way to much time on the wrong and his own feeling of being wronged rather than take a more holistic look like I feel he manages to do with his other books.

Krakauer is an awesome “new journalist,” and this “Kindle Singles” form was an outstanding platform for this work. Krakauet started inwhen he swapped adventure writing for expose-style journalism. Schools for girls are needed… and will be mocked now because this book became mocked.


Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way by Jon Krakauer

Contemporary Orientalism and fetishizing the exotic is on ugly display. You really think you are something else, parlaying all of the heresay and innuendo. Haji Ali led Mortenson up a steep path to a vast open ledge….

K I made three sincere attempts to read Three Cups of Tea before giving up. Although there is some satisfaction in having my feeling confirmed, it is sad that there is so much deceit in the world. I still believe that Mortenson has done some good, has helped some of the people that he claimed to have helped.

He set broken bones and did what little he could with painkillers and antibiotics. I’m not saying that this makes any wrongs he has committed right. He talked in circles to Outside magazine, dodged questions, and basically did a shoddy job of defending himself. One School at a Time. View all 7 comments. Greg Mortenson repaid the CAI and stepped down from its board An investigation by the Montana Attorney General faulted Mortenson not for fraud, not for misappropriating or embezzling funds, but for misusing funds–aka, sloppy bookkeeping, aka a screwup.

But then I discovered it was Jon Krakauer and 60 Minutes. More seriously, Krakauer writes that Mortenson treated the Central Asia Institute as some sort of personal ATM, spending extravagantly and refusing to account for any of the expenses to anyone.