SECURITYFEATRES: Doorsensor Hood and Trunk Sensor Display of “Door opened” Display of “Hoor opened” Delay of door sensing for cars with done light . Cheap m5 player, Buy Quality m5 bmw directly from China m5 red Suppliers: BEWARE of fake /original Magicar two way Remote Start Car Alarm MF MF. Cheap alarm pill, Buy Quality alarm free directly from China alarm part Suppliers: Best buy AM 1 way car alarm remote magicar MF high copy remote.

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Indicates if Turbo Start Mode is on or off. Magcar engine will shut off in 20 seconds after opening the door if you do not insert the key and turn to On position. Indicates that your car siren is turned on or off when you lock or unlock the vehicle.

Magicar M902F Manuals

Reporting Door Opening If your remote-pager has a problem starting the vehicle, Magicar will try 2 additional times. Therefore, you go back tothestep1. The engine will shut off upon the left over gas has been completely burnt. There are four different types of outputs Consult your installer that are used to operate a sunroof, a mirror or any other auto accessories. Vibrator on or off, beep sound for confirmation.

Magicar color LCD 3. In the case of the manual transmission vehicle or turbo mode of the automatic transmission vehicle, turn off the ignition first, shut off gas valve switch and then get out of the vehicle and close the door.

The message must not be more than symbols. The parking light will flash once with successful completion of this step. Starter-Kill Function In alarm mode, the starter kill function is activated. If the engine does not start after the third attempt, please call your authorized Magicar dealer.


Panel charm of the Magicar MF autoalarm system buy in Almaty

S is a feature that allows an individual to page the owner of a vehicle by simply tapping the R. You may try up to 5 times within 30 minutes. Paging for Theft While the engine is running, if you open and close the doors, the engine will be off and then the Reservation Mode will be completed. The serial number of magicad remote is required for the warranty. After the procedure, when the driver exits the vehicle and close the door, the engine will be shut off, and then the Reservation Mode will be completed.

Under the Turbo mode, the Passive arming will lock the doors upon closing the doors after the ignition has been turned off.

Indicates that your remote-pager is transmitting signals to thecontrollerunit. Display if your car is lock or unlcok Displays remaining battery life. The siren chirps and the parking lights flash once to confirm the lock and arming.

Security and comfort, that s what Youngshin Electronics Co. GSM-alarm signalling for the garage. Please make sure your remote has the serial number. Canceling Reservation Mode When set to Magixar arming, your security system will arm automatically after all the car doors are closed, your remote is away from the vehicle by more than 50 to ft and 15 seconds have passed since the last Auto Disarm.

Panic mode will stop the remote start. If the trunk sensing wire has been connected, the reservation will be cancelled when you open the trunk mayicar the manual transmission mode. The remote will make beeping sounds, Beep, Beep. When the dual shock sensor is engaged, the remote-pager security alerts will be triggered by the following: Propane gas powered vehicles Indicates if Timer Mode is on or off.


You may be charged for repair if the damage is resulted from the Act of God, abuse or improper care of the product.

Magicar M902F / M9000 – Fjernbetjenings manual

However, some of vehicles will not be set the Reservation Mode as per the above procedure. Under the Manual mode, the Passive arming will lock the doors upon reservation. The step 2 has to be completed within 15 seconds. Paging for Shock Sensing Time setting is off. The installation of this mode is available only if your vehicle has a trunk actuator. EX For example, if the battery voltage is These Aux functions will require extra installation fees.

To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Enter the pass words. After completion of Reservation Mode, k902f the doors or trunk door are still be opened, the Reservation Mode magcar be cancelled. The siren chirps and the parking lights flash twice to confirm the unlock and disarm. After magicwr, the engine will be running for 2 minutes, even you remove the key form the ignition.

Magicar MF / M – Fjernbetjenings manual |

We, Youngshin Electronics Co. Obligatory field is not filled. If the red LED confirms a correct number,continue entering the other 3 numbers.

Please be careful not to turn the volume beyond its limit. More Button Functions 6. Note that the trunk release function will not only release the trunk but will unlock allthedoorsaswell.