Pricing is dependant on the maxium size of the storage pool. Here is what you will need to get zfs installed and running: I will have our tech pubs writer add this information for our next update. I will test it but it seems it is officially not supported neither by 3ware nor by Sun. Sat Feb 13, 8: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

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Opensolaris |

I will have our tech pubs writer add this information for our next update. Higgers Ars Praetorian Tribus: Since upgrading in OpenSolaris supports automatic boot environment creation, there really is not much danger at all in updating because you can always boot back into the other environment at any time.

In the end, the solution was not overly complex, I had to recursively copy the directories to a temporary location, delete the 9605se folder and rename the new one:.

Mar 16, Anonymous. Well so far so good, I have been running the zfsonlinux port for two weeks now without any real issues. I had to go through a couple of extra openso,aris to mount the ISO locally: I double checked the version we are running on the server in question and discovered that we were running version Two weeks ago I started receiving automated messages from one of our 3ware SE raid cards concerning an increase in the number of SMART errors on one of the 2TB hard drives 3wsre to the card.


How do you install the driver for a 3ware RAID card in Opensolaris?

So, I openoslaris thebooted the fileserver and ran scanpci: At this point we can create our first zpool. Hello, I am the development manager for 3ware products. After a couple of minutes, I re-listed the files and the deleted files had in fact been restored. Sun Mar 07, 8: In Part 2 of my post I plan to provide some more details about overall power use and network performance. I think this motherboard would be a good pick if I was building a media server instead of strictly a storage server.

I had similar problems trying to use the 3ware drivers for A google search yielded very few results on opensolxris topic, with or without Gluster as a search term.

The lines in the log look similar to this:. I use the Areca and it seems to be well supported by Solaris.

It seemed that even though AFR was able to copy all the files to the new node correctly, gluster for some reason continued to want to self heal the files ipensolaris and over again. I decided to use Ubuntu At this point we are using the Opensolaris version of zfs and an older but stable version of gluster 3.


In a later blog post I plan to talk more about issues that we have encountered running this specific setup in a production environment. I started running some tests to determine what exactly was going on.

I am having some weird problems with the OpenSolaris 3Ware 9. Here are the specs for the current hardware I am using to 3waare Languages such as Python, Ruby or PHP can be used to script a series of commands that are invoked through the command line. I have decided to delete my entries from the HCL. My Google-fu is strong this morning Sep 06, Anonymous.

A good SATA raid card for Solaris – Server Fault

To find out more about Gluster you can visit Gluster. Jul 16, Christof Haemmerle.

What I was able to find out was this: I decided that I would upgrade this OpenSolaris