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I did not think at first i had to change my settings on my wireless card back to psk. Friday, February 23, Intel now have a version Wednesday, February 14, 8: The laptop was bought just so my partner ould work from home, so it is now pretty redundant. I’m glad I found this thread, so I can stop being frustrated and stop having these feelings of Computer-Directed Aggression, I know now that it’s just not going to work.

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Yes Unicast key received: I’ve also upgraded the nic driver but the problem is still there.

Hopefully, some of those airteis paid Microsoft software designers and managers fista read this and get off their keesters to give us a software fix in a future Vista release of software.

Wednesday, July 25, 3: At least if xp got confused I could get it to restart the wireless stuff and try to reconnect. Error logs almost always give you a clear idea of what you are up against, if you can interpret what u see. My laptop with XP connects perfectly.

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Please can you try this and let me know your outcome? Thanks Guys Bit embarassing as im an IT tech guy, if im struggling, joe public aint got a hope!!!


Let’s see if MS address this. It has worked fine ever since. Any help, support or comfort will be much appreciated!

I upgraded both the wireless card driver didn’t seem to do anythingbut also the firmware for the 3com router. Sunday, October 8, 2: Thursday, August 16, 8: I’m glad I found this thread, so I can stop being frustrated and stop having these feelings of Computer-Directed Aggression, I know now that it’s just not going to work. I haven’t seen anything in this thread yet that yields a stable WPA setup under Vista.

I tried rebooting my router, my laptop and even deleting the network connection but still no joy. There are consistent reports of occasional and sporadic connection with WPA, but the connections are not consistent or reliable.

It will be running and then all of a sudden loose connection and not find my wireless router. Im using intel pro ABG wirless card.

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Saturday, May 26, Thursday, June 28, 5: But so far I fail to see why XP is being binned as an OS when it clearly is now Microsofts premium bug freeish offering Sunday, July 16, 8: Wonder what the other posters did, new wifi card, new router, used wep, or got a long patch cable? I’m the type of guy that helps everybody else with their computer problems and I usually get the job done, but not this time.


Sunday, October 29, 5: The modem ran wpa and g. If i enter the incorrect WEP code Vista tells me that it was incorrect, but when I use the correct one a message appears telling me that Vista was “unable to connect due to a timeout”. They also aren’t doing anything pro-actively to fix these issues or at least they are keeping a very low profile and still failing to solve the issues.

Since this is the university network changewr router settings isnt an option for me. I have mine wuw to WEP and it connects. This morning, however, after a sticky start with an initial failure, I am able to connect.

Wednesday, June 6, 9: