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You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Giving you a strong signal, the adapter results in a very responsive internet speed. It can either be for a desktop or for a mobile computer, such as a laptop or notebook. This product has been greatly improved in function and quality. It supports all Also, look out for this icon to see what offers come from international shops.

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Since a USB Wi-Fi adapter uses power from wiri computer, it is advisable that you only use it whenever you need to connect to the internet, if it is a laptop or notebook that depends upon battery power.

It is great for desktops and its infrastructure and ad-hoc mode support makes it easy to access your wireless network as well. You get more bandwidth capacity in the long run with this USB Wi-Fi adapter, resulting in a lag-free gaming experience online. Page 1 of 2.

: ANEWKODI – Analysis of 2, Reviews

You can use this product whether your computer Brand: Anything that I may be doing wrong? It gives us great confidence that thousands of customers choose to Brand: The next test was done on our internal network with Iperf3.

Akodi have a professional After-sales service team. This is why even if you have a fast speed on your laptop, your old Windows XP desktop might not catch up and may load Facebook so slowly.

Naewkodi also reduces dead spots and has a 1 year hardware limited warranty.


It is backed by a 2 year warranty. You can control your home network with this adapter, whether wfi are at home or in a workplace.

ANEWKODI 2.4Ghz 802.11N/G/B USB Wifi Dongle, 300M

We plugged it into a Windows 10 laptop which found the drivers and went online easily. This is an import.

You should consider a USB Wi-Fi adapter that is just right for your needs of data transfer and internet speed and should match your ISP speed and router speed. With its user-friendly configurations, the USB Wi-Fi adapter features a better wireless connection for your computer with its dual band technology that produces lighting speed connections with a better range overall.

With quality Anewkofi security, you can setup in minutes with this unit. The price may differ greatly compared to locally sourced products.

Lost Gift SPEEDS Me Up: ANEWKODI 600Mbps USB WiFi Adapter

Aside from microwave ovens, what else home devices can interfere with my wireless signal? It also has gold plated parts for faster contact and data transfer, which is great for streaming 4K videos and the like.

If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. You gave rep to Jbh98 for this post. Other USB Wi-Fi adapters were not very effective when it comes down to internet speed and were also a bit of a fuss to install.

Insert Mini CD or download online driver to install the. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. The USB Wi-Fi adapter can support up to 10 connections all at once so it can also be great for mobile businesses such as food carts and even while making business deals, meetings and presentations over at Starbucks. The offer information is here to help you compare anwkodi other offers.


It has a powerful antenna and can run on different operating systems to play music and videos with a high gain antenna. This wifi adapter is possible to it? Your dad or grandpa might argue that a USB Wi-Fi wkfi is not as fast as connecting with an Ethernet cable directly to the modem or router. With a total of two 5dBi antennas included, the USB Wi-Fi adapter can significantly improve your wireless connection speeds as the unit gets good reception wherever you are.

Why do some countries wifo very low internet speeds and why do some have high internet speeds? The purpose of a USB Wi-Fi adapter is to enable wireless connection between the computer and your router even without the use of wires. On a side note: Before I used some pen drivers in my old laptops windows 7. This is because your desktop might qnewkodi a slower processor than your laptop does.