Designation: B − Standard . chaser shall state ASTM B, the date of issue, service . Corrosion Resistance—Zinc coatings with Types II, III. ASTM B ELECTRODEPOSITED COATINGS OF ZINC ON IRON AND STEEL. Type II, Zinc coating with colorful chromate passivation, 96 hours 48 hours. Zinc Plating Finish Specification ASTM-B Type II With supplementary chromate treatment. Type III With supplementary colorless chromate treatment.

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SC 4 very severe. If a bright finish is desired to be used in lieu of fused tin, specify Bright Tin plate. The coating is made according to demand, where the distribution is as follows: Can be dyed practically any color or shade. The Standard default is gold for type II coatings unless otherwise specified. Different brands of chromate conversion chemistry, possibly different plating processes acid zinc vs.

Zinc Coating

Also, some yellow chromates are clear w. Our barrel, station line enables us to process thousands of pounds of material every day. Zinc plated components vary from one industry to another.

Electrical charasteristics As much as the last layer of the passivation is thin the electrical resistivity is low. Zinc coating with colorful chromate passivation.

Barrel Zinc

The type of passivation is determined according to the required characteristics, and is divided into groups: Materials qualified produce coatings that range in color from clear to iridescent yellow or brown. Our plater would like to go to a clear zinc, but our customer is under ttype assumption that the clear will not do as good a job with corrosion resistance and salt spray life. As much as the last layer of the passivation is thin the electrical resistivity is low.


How do you know if it is supposed to be Zinc Yellow or Zinc Clear?

Try using an acid zinc chloride bath and hype if the casting covers. Available colors are iridescent and black Colorless chromate passivation gives corrosion resistance ability of 12 hours according to ASTM B until white spots-intended to parts used in a light corrosive environment —indoor.

Can anyone give me some direction on how to get the customer to accept going to clear. SC 2 moderate — Exposure to dry indoor atmospheres but subject to occasional condensation, wear, or abrasion. Zinc coating with colorless RoHS compliance passivation.

Zinc Plating: ASTM B Type II vs. III

Also, I found out that the ytpe is painted after plating. Our plater said that he would be willing to go thicker on the clear. As specified on drawing. Surfaces left-bare should be heavily chromated.

Olive green passivation is a chromate passivation in a green hue that gives excellent corrosion resistance ability hours in a salt spray test and is a good base for paint.


Surfaces to be painted should be ONLY lightly chromated. Going with clear will make it difficult to tell what is clear chromated zinc vs. B Where service conditions are valid only for coatings with chromate conversion coating.

Barrel Zinc – Finishes – Professional Plating Inc.

Does plating make that big a difference knowing that it’s going to be painted also? Did you ever get the answers you were looking for?

ASTM B and all other worldwide standards were written around the time when no one spoke about trivalent. I am not getting the difference between this. Best coating on aluminum for dyeing. The Zinc coating on the steel does not last shiny for long, and so a further thick layer coating is added, called passivation. Thickness Classes for Coatings: All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer.

It does not cover zinc coated wire or sheets. He passed away May 14, Olive green and Black passivation is thick and has high electrical resistance.

That seems a bit discretional to me. What process variation would produce these different results? It still will have Hex Chrome.