SCSI and RAID Devices


DO NOT change the default settings. Damn, I hope Google indexes that comment well. These are not jumpers! Installing The Heatsink And Fan 2. Support the DIMM lightly with your fingers when pressing the retaining clips. Power supply thermal connector 2-pin TRPWR If your power supply has a thermal monitoring feature, connect its thermal sensor cable to this connector.

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You may also connect a compliant internal hard disk to these connectors.

Leave this field to the default setting [32] for best performance and stability. Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, make sure you have the correct configuration information supplied by the drive manufacturer.

To use the Hyper-Threading Technology on this motherboard: Click on the Load button. Page 93 This item allows you to enable or disable the processor Hyper-Threading Technology.

Page 23 PCI slots. This section explains how to configure your system using this utility.

It includes details on the switches, jumpers, and connectors on the motherboard. Expansion slots In the future, you may need to install expansion cards.

Asus P4G8X User Manual

These five bit PCI 2. Page 48 These are not jumpers!


If you’ve plugged in a 3. Connectors Pin 5 is removed to prevent incorrect insertion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plug.

Asus P4G8X User Manual: Creating And Deleting Raid Sets

Install the necessary drivers to activate the devices. Note that selecting a frequency higher than the CPU manufacturer recommends may cause the system to hang or crash.

The Floppy 3 Mode feature allows reading and writing of 1. How this guide is organized Install the Serial ATA hard disks into the drive bays. Asus computer hardware – computer motherboard user manual 64 pages. The p4g8xx of the support CD are subject to change at any time without notice. There are no Bank Interleave or Command Rate adjustments available, but that’s normal for Intel-chipset based motherboards these days.

This is quite a conservative rid cheap overclocking setup, but every since its inception P4 Northwood processors have continually been able to outperform AMD’s Thoroughbred processors overclocking-wise, making us more impressed by the day with Intel’s 0. If you wish to use the chassis intrusion detection feature, remove the jumper cap from the pins.

ASUS P4G8X Deluxe (E) motherboard (Page 4/9) :: Articles :: ®

DO NOT place jumper caps on the fan connectors! The following table lists the components we used for overclocking the FSB:. In case of a boot failure, you will hear the specific cause of the problem. The Pentium 4 processor with KB L2 cache on 0. Damn, I hope Google indexes that comment well. It’ll be interesting to see how much performance gain there is with dual channel memory running at MHz and beyond on SiS motherboards.


Push down the locks on the retention mechanism to secure the heatsink and fan to the module base. It includes brief explanations of the special attributes of the motherboard and the new technology it supports. VAGP is also adjustable in 0. Use this program if aeus wish to change the default vocal POST messages. In case you buy a CPU separately, make sure that you use only Intel certified heatsink and fan. Pp4g8x non-overclockers, it’s still a nice BIOS option to have. Visit the ASUS website for information on the supported languages.