The Asus Eee T91 is a touchscreen netbook from the Asus Eee PC range. It is similar in specification to other netbooks, but features an ” rotatable. Since similar tablets cost at least twice the price, what makes the new ASUS Eee PC T91 so special? I spent a week putting the T91 through its. В Eee PC T91 впервые используется поворотный сенсорный экран с диагональю 8,9 дюйма, а набор прилагаемого программного обеспечения.

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Review Asus Eee PC T91 MT Tablet

Power efficient single core CPU with a very low performance. The left-hand button was acceptable in terms of tactile feedback, but the right-hand button seemed to us to have a somewhat spongy feel. The great ass of this integrated solid state drive is its excellent access time of 0.

The Bottom Line Asus does a good job combining a Azus and a touch screen in the Eee PC T91, even if the system hits a couple of first-generation snags.

ASUS Eee PC T91 – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

Unlike the 2go Convertible, the Eee PC T91 doesn’t have an accelerometer for automatically adjusting the azus orientation. Headphones, microphone, Card Reader: The standout feature of the T91 is its resistive touchscreen, which supports both stylus and finger inputs. It may not support a Bit system, but its so-called hyper-threading technology simulates the effect of an additional CPU core, so that the Z appears as a dual core processor under Windows Task Manager.

If you flick your finger to the left in the Touch Gate interface, you’ll pull up y91 new screen — the Widget screen — which does exactly what you’d think it does.


The system took over 15 seconds to launch the touch-friendly version of Internet Explorer that ASUS includes with its Touch Gate interface; when we opened Internet Explorer while chatting with a friend on Skype, the video dropped out for a few seconds, and again, a few seconds passed before the ashs could overlap these two windows.

We loved how small and light the machine was, but we lamented the fact that it really wasn’t equipped to handle any task more demanding than typing a Word document, sending an email or engaging in the occasional Skype call.

A thin metal stylus is tucked into the right edge of the system, but much of the time we preferred using our fingers; we had no problem launching programs by just using our fingertip or the edge of our nail. Ever since it introduced the netbook concept two year ago, ASUS has usually been the first manufacturer to experiment with innovative designs. This shows up on the computer as an additional hard drive as opposed to a removable drive and so functions as an extension to the hard drive space.

It consists of the following: The trackpad is responsive and on par with other netbook pads, though we found it somewhat less to our liking than that of the Eee PC Seashell line’s dimpled ones. Touchscreen The touch-sensitive surface of the screen works exceptionally well. The smooth surface means that your finger glides over it very well. From the regular XP desktop, you can activate the touchscreen interface three ways — via the icon on the desktop, the slider icon at the top of the desktop, or that physical button to the right of the power toggle we mentioned earlier.

ASUS Eee PC T91 review

The result is an aggressively priced tablet that involves too much waiting around for things to happen. Wrap up Overall, the software included with the T91 is really nicely designed, and operates pretty much as advertised. The frequencies are pretty well balanced and so there is nothing to stop you listening to the odd piece of music or watching the occasional video clip.


Is it a good tablet to buy if you just want a cheap secondary computer to carry with you for taking notes, staying connected, or sharing video, photos, and music? Visit manufacturer site for details.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Review

So, details like letters are bigger. Larger screens, better hard drives, different operating systems, you name it – it’s been tried.

The T91 MT is currently available in two colours: The Synaptics touchpad used on the T91 is surprisingly large considering the 8. The so-called Eee Docking Touch program, as the name suggests, can dock to any side of the screen and y91 you access to much of the integrated software; it is the central hub and first port of call for these. Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Since then, we’ve seen quite a lot of the T91, and now it’s finally making its way onto the US retail market.

Touch Asks is an alternative desktop environment to Windows XP … essentially a new, simplified touch interface that sits on top of Windows XP. Intel Atom Z 1.

The lid is relatively resistant to twisting forces, but putting pressure on the outside of the lid quickly leads to substantial screen distortions. Best Laptops for