Ah, before I installed all of the ndis packages in synaptic. Broadcom wireless cards come under many brand names and, in particular, are used in many Dell and Acer laptops. My problem is trying to ditch WinXP on the company laptop. Do a google search dude. IrDA, modem have not been tested yet. CPU frequency scaling works. It would be a win-win-win scenario.

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Rebooted, installed everything and still no luck.

I’ve followed the steps on page 1 and have skimmed z9200k most of the other pages in search for my answer but nothing has helped: Asus Wlan Utility Quick Start Black bottom case for Asus Notebook 15 inches. More Features Properties Page I performed all of the steps but couldn’t get my card to work. Grey Top case 15 inch Z92U.

Spare Parts for Asus Z92U| Accessoires Asus

My light on the laptop is lit and i can use iwlist scan and find aps. If the make step fails then their may have been an issue installing your kernel source. As far as I can tell it is probably connected to dmesg grep ndiswrapper [ All packets received Link Quality: Worked perfectly for me.


Wireless Lan Driver Setup – Calexico2 ass I manage to install the drivers bcmwl5.

I have disabled WEP. This thread is great. I have followed all of the instructions above, and have got no errors at all. Deleting more temporary files Scrolling Properties Page HCI device and wsus manager initialized [ Had to challenge with it to make it boot on the first boot.

Z92U Turion and SISm760GX & Go6200???

Status Indicators above Keyboard Have you really tested this. Next day it was gone again. I’ve been trying for a sickening long time on this and am in desperate need of advice.

Ask your office network administrator for support if you don’t know what this question means, or copy your settings from Windows. Driver for device wlan0 recommend version 18 of Wireless Extension, but has been compiled with version 17, therefore some driver features may not be available Suspend-to-ram and Suspend-to-disk are working out of the box.


After a bit of challenge I got click here sound and wireless working. Shame on Broadcom for not helping though!

Asus Z92U Manuals

I set my ESSID broadcast to on, but the laptop still could not see the router using iwlist config until after I rebooted. Module bcmwl5 not found.

Your name or email address: Move The Pointer Long Distances Details for getting x panels up and running is listed below. If everything works, you can delete the file from your desktop.

Inserting A Pc Card pcmcia