Can’t imagine what that would be, but it sure doesn’t sound good. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: It is highly likely the other 65 other viewers simply did not have an answer, not that they were ignoring you and your problem. It is incompatible with OS later than snow leopard. There’s no need for a separate download. Called Apple, and spent hours talking to diff people, finally they said its’ a third party product they dont’ support.

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Not sure what is wrong with my computer, and am tired of installing fresh OS like i used 57780 do with windows.

Sometimes it flashes black and sometimes it doesn’t come up correctly when booting. But i switched my ram slots, and it somehow seems to be stable now, and just finished installing my mountain lion. Where did this card come from?

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Mac Edition

Can someone please provide me the link for mac driver download? Other than that it has been great. Related Article Get help with video issues on external displays connected to your Mac. I did try to remove the graphics card and put it back, but it was too tight. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I highly depend on final cut pro 7, but apple discontinued the updates.


They will do whatever is necessary to fix amc at no cost to you. Constant kernel panics, even after a fresh install of the OS almost certainly points to a hardware error which most kernel panics are.

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Feb 13, Otherwise, I never have to think about it. William Lloyd William Lloyd. So I assume by doing atj update sometimes it doesn’t detect second graphics card monitors. I was watching a youtube video, and it just got stuck and had a cracking sound.

Kurt Lang Kurt Lang. Feb 10, 3: My whole reason for installing mountain lion is the reason that my snow leopard started getting constant kernal panic attack. I don’t know why you are saying the same theory. Something needs to be fixed, and qti probably the system board.

I myself aware that software update should fix this issue from my previous experience with snow leopard. It was difficult just getting your hands in to plug in the card’s two power cables.

Apple Mac Pro Graphics ATI Radeon HD 1gb DVI PCIe Video Graphics Card | eBay

I put mqc in our older Mac Pro to replace the anemic card it came with. I had been having non – stop kernel panic, where i was forced to reinstall mountain lion, and still got kernal panic.


So it includes the Posted on Feb 10, 2: Now i am worried about my mac altogether since 570 just keep freezing up and restarting with kernal panic.

If you purchased AppleCare for the Mac, which extends full coverage to three years, bring it and have the folks at the Apple Store look at it.

That you certainly shouldn’t have to do. I had a very stable snow leopard version, and i had been always happy. Thanks to you Kurt and William for taking time to reply back out of 65 other viewers of this issue. User profile for user: In the process of doing that, i removed the power cable, hdmi connection from my monitors, and put them back.

There’s no need for a separate download.