Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues. “Bike Owner’s manual” and the specific “RIDE+ Owner’s manual” carefully before you ride on Only charge the battery pack with the included BionX charger. This Manual serves as a supplement to the bicycle user manual. Familiarize yourself with your electric bicycle and the functions of the BionX system in a safe.

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This could damage the battery and possibly lead to overheating or ignition of the battery. Any other legal provisions, particularly with respect to warranty regulations, are not restricted by this warranty. NOTE The system performs a self check approximately every hour.

The assistance toggle remains the same. Page 26 In the case of inappropriate use, e. Generate level G Use only the original axle nuts; Please read this manual thoroughly, even if you are an experienced cyclist. No warranty claims are accepted – without limitation to other reasons – in the case of damages due to the following: Familiarize yourself with your electric bicycle and the functions of the BionX system in a safe environment before participating in road traffic for the first time.

Bionx User Manual | Electric Bike Knowledge Base

The battery can be charged when mounted on the bicycle or removed from the battery docking station. Do mabual use a power supply or charger that has obvious signs of damage to the cable, housing, or the connector. In the assistance mode, your pedaling is assisted proportionally by an electric motor that drives the rear wheel.


It is located on your battery key, as well as on the face of the battery manuaal cylinder. Please contact your BionX dealer for service.

Warranty Information And Guarantee BionX reserves the right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of BionX components is not accurate or complete. Manuall document serves as a supplement to your bicycle user manual. Generate level G This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects.

BionX batteries can be returned to BionX to be recycled.

The seal serial number sticker on the battery housing has been broken or obviously manipulated. The battery must be correctly inserted in the docking station and the lock must be completely closed.

There is no need to manually set the voltage range, and there is no switch for this charger. Repair and Spare Parts For repair of your electric bicycle consult your qualified dealer.

Always use very little water, and keep water away from the electrical contacts. State of charge indicator 3 5 8 6. Wrench symbol Turn the system on Briefly push either top button on the console. Enter text from picture: Contact your dealer to customize the advanced functions of your system. Have your dealer check the torque of the axle nuts as quickly as possible.


Adhere to all valid traffic regulations. If you need spare keys for the binx, please contact your dealer. Do not pull the brake lever with the brake disc on the rear wheel removed from the caliper.

G1 Console For the G1 console, substitute mode for power, and crono for cycle. Code Code Set tire size in mm – Select digits one after another with orand confirm with.

BionX G2 User Manual

From mode push key to enter continuous generate mode. Page 18 Hold the key biinx a few seconds to reset the distance, chronometer, or average speed values to zero.

The battery does not need to be completely drained before charging. In the case of rightful warranty claims, BionX reserves the right to bear or repay transportation expenses. Ride as defensively as possible. Read all of the enclosed installation and operating instructions from the manufacturer and follow the instructions, if any, prior to its first use. Please retain the key number for manula records.

BionX reserves the right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of BionX components is bions accurate or complete.

Carefully read the following information, even if you are an experienced rider. Assist level A The first zero blinks. Page 28 Your dealer bionxinternational.