This system is used by Bolex Rex 16mm cameras. Most light .. Please read manual and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring. Manual for the Bolex 16mm Reflex 5 camera equipped with external film magazine. Original Bolex H16 Reflex Instructions Manual. bolex-hreflex- Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free! Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we’ll scan and PDF it! Especially interested in any Bolex technical .

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The H-8 and H has a very similar appearance. You can find serial numbers on this website in the Camera and Projector section by clicking the links at the top of each page. The words “rare bolex” are often used in auctions. There are several methods. The numbers given throughout this website come from a bulletin published by Bolex International S.

The closing bid price at which any Bolex item may end fluctuates and can depend on several factors: In addition, it’s painted entirely in a flat black color.

At this point I’m really only interested in unique items like dealer signs, store holex and the odd bit of ephemera. The buyers will likely know what they are bidding on, so just describe the name of the item and its condition and provide some good quality pictures.

The easiest way is to measure the thread diameter of the lens mount: If you have original scans or pictures, just email me. Just don’t forget to describe your auction item and condition in your own words, to the best of your knowledge. I will eventually add a table of exposure times for each camera on their respective page.

Because they’re used to power the zoom control, and 16m used in an exposure meter, the difference in voltage is negligible. It was a useful resource, but nothing I wanted anyone to see it was disorganized and ugly. There are far too many factors that determine the price of Bolex equipment. I’m not going to suggest or manuak any one facility over another.


However, there are still options available for using cameras that required them; this article offers some suggestions. Your choice of projector is, ultimately, up to you. In most cases, it’s probably used because the seller has little information on, or is unfamiliar with, the item being sold. Incidentally, manhal you have a list of exposure times from a chart or user manual specific to your model and want to determine the angle of your shutter aperture, you can use this formula: However, both only have a height of boelx.

If you have a question about a topic that isn’t covered here, feel free to contact me. Technically, any camera that can take single frame exposures is capable of time-lapse. EVN are readily available.

The letters “H J” appear on the logo plate and it is otherwise identifiable by the complete removal of all control dials, winding handle, time lever IT knobfilm counters and leather covering.

I manal wrote a few pages with information and image scans, to gather what little information I could find on Bolex at the time and to use it for personal reference.

Over time, I decided it might be useful to other people who were interested in Bolex cameras. There are no set “values” per se, as collecting vintage movie cameras is a fairly niche market. Any camera that has the ability to capture single frame exposures.

Sources for 16mm, double run 8mm and Super 8 film stock and processing can be found on the Links page. I do appreciate the fact that you may have found the information on my site useful enough to quote. I’m always happy to answer questions or offer advice on selling equipment.

The terms essentially mean the same thing: Note that many of these factors sometimes have more to do with the appeal and presentation of the auction, rather than the desirability of a specific model. The time period this website covers, in respect to Bolex cameras, is mostly limited to the Paillard era. At the moment, these lenses are only mentioned on the projector page.


No, I’m just a collector and user of cameras. There are adapters available on eBay and elsewhere that make up the height difference. So, I purchased this domain and finally got around to publishing it in However, H, Bilex, pocket size and super-8 cameras are not difficult to find on eBay or elsewhere.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras

Simply browsing through the “Completed Listings” will give you an idea of what bidders have paid for 16mn specific camera, projector majual accessory in the past 30 days. The most common way, of course, is eBay auctions. Yes, but not exactly. Click here for a general overview of the different models, or browse individually through the Camera Section. But this can be determined more easily by looking at the plate attached near the mains power connection.

I enjoyed having a forum for Bolex enthusiasts to connect and discuss cameras and filmaking with others, but I simply couldn’t devote the proper time to maintaining it. No need to email me.

Bolex, Eyemo, Arri and Other Camera Manuals – 16mm 35mm – Free Downloads!

Sellers occasionally mistake this inscription to be the actual name of the camera, rather than a viewfinder marking. An eBay auction stated that it was. All H cameras, most pocket size cameras except the L-8 and some Super 8 cameras have this ability. The Mallory RM was a 1. I’ve owned or have used several Bolex models and consider them to be good quality projectors. Although the H and H-8 reflex cameras both use c-mount lenses, they are not interchangeable.

These cameras used a pair of mercury PX1 1. However, if you “borrow” text from my site to use in your description and you give credit to the source bolexcollector. As such, this website doesn’t attempt to place a value on any item.