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The country page gives access to Eurofound’s most recent survey data and news, directly related to Italy: For instance, the share of people reporting difficulties in making ends meet has increased constantly since the first EQLS in Confessercenti Constitutional Court ruled on this issue through Judgement No.

As shown in the table below, coommercio shares of part-time workers are aligned with the EU average, with a slightly greater difference between women and men. National-level collective agreements establish a minimum salary for each sector, which is mandatory for all the employers of that sector. Collective bargaining Bargaining system In Italy, NCBAs are legally binding only upon employers and employees belonging to the organisations that have signed them, or that choose to adopt them.

Living in Italy Print comemrcio. For more detailed information on working time including annual leave, statutory and collectively agreed working timeplease consult: The National comparisons visualisation presents a comparative overview for the values of all answers between two selected countries.

As already stated, NCBAs set the minimum hourly wage and the maximum length of the working day, depending on the sector and the type of activity carried out. Tell us what you think. There is no legal regulation on congesercenti work. Although it is formally possible to call a strike during negotiations, social partners have autonomously regulated this issue, by establishing peace obligation periods and procedures.

Highlights — Working life in Authors: Working time regulation The provisions on working hours and overtime are included confesercentj Act no.


Google battezza le unit Wing e Loon: “promossi” i business dei droni e delle “mongolfiere”

All’ when asked ‘Official structure of employee representation present at establishment’. Employees may receive various additional wage elements — for instance, additional monthly salaries 13th and 14th monthly payments. Bibliography De Luca, T. They are interlocking parts in a multilevel system of governance that includes the European, national, sectoral, regional provincial or local and company levels.

Work-life balance Based on the three work—life balance indicators in the EQLS, work—life balance in Italy is around or slightly better than the EU average.

For the ‘No’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score.

Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

For more information regarding the level and development of minimum wages, please see: All’ when asked ‘Do you have enough time contesercenti get the job done? Some aspects of the remuneration structure and working time management, such as incentive plans, fringe benefits, and overtime remuneration, are delegated to decentralised-level agreements.

The Prevention and Protection Service can be handled either internally or by an external contractor.

Wages and salaries of all workers are usually paid on a monthly basis. In terms of setting pay, the most important level is, without any doubt, the sectoral one. Decentralised bargaining can take place also at regional or company level and, in the latter case, commercoi collective bargaining agreements may replace NCBAs. You are here Home Country Living and working in Italy. The Italian industrial relations framework has undergone numerous changes in recent years, moving towards an increasingly important role for decentralised bargaining and a closer link between wages and productivity.

Living and working in Italy

Click to share this page to Twitter securely Tweet. Working life in Italy Print pdf. The key new item is established by article 6: Moreover, the act under scrutiny strengthens the tools introduced to encourage private welfare schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries among workers, as well as by raising confeserceti bonuses.


Currently, there are three kinds of apprenticeship: However, some protection has been introduced for self-employed workerssuch as limiting the possibility to introduce unfair clauses in contracts by the clients, and reintroducing minimum levels of pay to be observed by some sections for example banks, insurance companies and large organisation. However, it also confers increased powers on school principals over hiring and promotions, and envisages tax breaks for private schools, and the hiring ofpermanent teachers.

Hours of strike per 1, worked hours in companies with employees or more. It aims to complement other EurWORK research, commercii providing the relevant background information on structures, institutions and relevant regulations regarding working life. La unit dei droniWing, ha costruito droni da circa 5 chili con ali fisse che permette loro di spostarsi e planare verso la destinazione e 12 rotori per tenersi fermi sopra il punto di arrivo — una casa, un ufficio — e effettuare la consegna.

2101 healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce; organisations lose productivity through ill-health of their workers. Social partners involvement in unemployment benefit regimes Entitlements and obligations Parental, maternity, and paternity leave Pursuant to Act no.

In greater detail, employers would be entitled to ask employees working under a horizontal part-time arrangement a contract reducing daily working hours to perform, within the limits established by NCBAs, the working hours exceeding the weekly hours settled by the individual contract, upon payment of additional remuneration. Finally, penalties for employers that do not abide by these rules have been increased.

However, since a majority of the ratings have bounced back to the levels.