Receive a fax When the product receives a fax transmission, it prints the fax unless the private-receive feature is enabled and also stores it automatically to flash memory. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through pending jobs until you reach the job that you want to clear. Use the arrow keys to select Send and press OK. Faxing of a longer page stops at mm 15 inches. Send from flatbed scanner? Use the arrow buttons to select Default glass size , and then press OK.

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The product exits the menu settings and prints the report. Decreasing the fax-speed setting might allow the product to send a fax over a VoIP network.

The product could not detect a dial tone. Turning off the setting might be useful when you are trying to send a fax internationally or receive one, or if tax are using a satellite telephone connection. The factory-set default for error correction is On.

The product will answer all incoming calls. Lists the fax numbers that are assigned to the phone book entries, including speed dials and group-dial entries.

Manual dial faxing Usually, the product dials after you press Start Fax. The answer mode might be set to Manual. Use the arrow buttons to select Dial Prefixand then press OK. Send a fax from the software This section contains basic instructions for sending faxes by using the software that came with the product.


The fax activity log or fax call reports settings are not correct. Verify that the product dialing mode is set to Tone. The billing-code setting must be turned on in order to access this report. If a number in the group is busy or does not answer, the product redials that number based on the redial setting. If the product cannot transmit the fax at the scheduled time, that information is indicated on the fax error report if that option is turned on or recorded in the fax activity log.

Larger faxes increase the send time and could exceed the available memory in the product. Please try again shortly. The control-panel display shows the following message: To prevent damage to the product, c,1312 not use an original that contains correction tape, correction fluid, paper clips, or staples. Use the arrow buttons to select On or Offand then press OK to save the selection.

HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Series Product – Change fax settings

When the answering machine answers the call, the product listens to the call and automatically answers it if it detects fax tones. Press Fax Menuthen select Phone Book. The fax does not print, and is not saved in memory. Also, do not load photographs, originals smaller than 5×5, or fragile originals into the ADF.


Send fax settings Set a dial prefix A dial prefix is a number or group of numbers that are automatically added to the beginning of every fax number you enter at the faxx panel or from the software.

HP Color LaserJet CM MFP Series Product – Use fax | HP® Customer Support

Use this procedure to change the default resolution for all fax jobs to one of the following settings:. Use the arrow buttons to select Ring volumeand then press OK. Turn off error-correction mode. The product sends the fax to the number that it redialed.

After scanning the page, the product control-panel display shows the following message: To reprint a fax, see Reprint a fax. After scanning the page, Another page?

HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Series Product – Use fax

Fax software Supported fax programs The PC fax program that came with the product is the only PC fax program that works with the product. If the product experiences problems getting a fax to work on a VoIP network, verify that all cables and settings are correct.

The vm1312 answers any calls that produce a single-ring pattern.