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She awaits the coontente murder of Isifile, but Besso has not arrived yet. She argues that the singer type e. Medea is alone singing a strophic aria “Se dardo pungente” about the pain of desiring love. Isifile also contenge two laments: The scene changes to the Cavern of Aeolus.

She wants to know who Isifile is. Returning to earth to a demolished harbor and a storm at sea, Orestes and Alinda discuss Isifile’s jealousy ddelizie has driven her to madness.

In contenhe Valley of Orseno, Medea sings the strophic aria “L’armi apprestatemi” expressing her rage against her rival with stile concitato gestures. Captain Besso enters and tries to convince Ercole that all men have their vices and so he should not be too concerned. By contrast, Giasone is a youthful, attractive character more concerned with the sensual pleasures of love than any sort of duty, whether it be questing for the Golden Fleece or duties as husband and father.

Orestes introduces himself as Isifile’s Queen of Lemnos spy in Colchis on a mission to get information about Giasone, but he is afraid of getting caught. Operas by Francesco Cavalli Italian-language operas Operas operas.

Retrieved from ” https: Medea shows up and, overhearing the conversation, calls Besso a liar.

“Delizie contente” – singerstickynotessingerstickynotes

Besso tells her to report that he “only kills one queen per day” so he will not carry out his orders. Returning to Egeo and Medea in the sea, she refers to him as “my life” and mends the wounds between the two.


Besso and Alinda then flirt with each other. Upon seeing Egeo, Demo, who had believed Egeo was dead, begs for mercy.

Egeo finds the unconscious Giasone and pulls out a dagger to kill him, but Isifile arrives and takes the dagger out of Egeo’s hands. She refuses and leaves. Giasone addresses Medea, who reproaches him for not living up to his duties as father of his twin children. The strings make drum-like martial gestures in an instrumental sinfonia that accompanies the action. This is the second time that Giasone has been scolded shirking responsibility!

Giasone is filled with joy upon learning this. Orestes asks Isifile to return and feed her hungry contenre.

“Delizie contente”

Giasone meets with Besso and tells him to go to the Valley of Orseno and wait for a messenger who will ask if he has carried out his deluzie. After Amore’s aria, they argue over this problem for the remainder of the prologue without resolution and they intend to fight one another.

Because castrati have a youthful appearance due to lack of secondary sexual characteristics, they could easily slip into such a role. Medea announces that she no longer loves Giasone, but prefers Egeo after all; moreover that Giasone should return to Isifile and scorns him for being unfaithful to her. Isifile is waiting for Orestes to return. Contentee example, a bass voice was generally used for an authoritarian or powerfully masculine figure.

Sole opens with an aria about the gloriousness of the day because Giasone i. Isifile then meets Besso and also asks him if he has carried out his orders. Moreover, a male character that laments has somehow been musically emasculated. To atone for this transgression, Giasone agrees to have Contehte murder Isifile in an aside to Medea, who then leaves, pretending to allow Giasone to return to Isifile.


Giasone enters contetne sings the aria “Delizie, contenti” of his contentment in seeking sexual pleasure. When Isifile appears, only Medea believes that she is mad. She is joined by Egeo i. They sing a duet “Sai, ch’io t’amo” and confirm their love for each other.

Besso reports to Giasone that he has killed a queen but he does not specify a name.

Trumpet music and stile concitato gestures suggest the martial atmosphere. She advises her that it doesn’t matter whether Giasone has been faithful or not. Giasone Jason is an opera in three acts and a prologue with music by Francesco Cavalli and a libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini.

Delizie Contente, Che L’Alma Beate

Isifile says that Giasone has given her a child, but Giasone denies that he ever loved her. Orestes will inform Isifile. Isifile laments and says goodbye, for she is dying but admits that she still loves Giasone even though he has killed her with his infidelity. Isifile finds the message cryptic. He reports while Egeo was pursuing Giasone in his tiny skiff he fell into the water and drowned. See page for a discussion of Orfeo’s lamentations in Monteverdi’s opera Orfeo Herculeswho complains that Giasone has not awoken yet, even though the sun is shining.

Such scenes are characterized by a character’s drastic emotional changes.

In the countryside with huts near the mouth of the Ibero, Isifile is in a trance and singing the lament aria “Lassa, che far degg’io? Right after, Alinda, Orestes, Delfa, and Demo providing their brief commentary on the joyful scene, followed by a contentr duet Medea and Isifile and quartet Isifile, Giasone, Medea and Egeo. Egeo realizes that Medea has left him for Giasone and he is mad with jealousy.