Doka Xtra. Dokaflex Load-bearing towers. – DOKA FORMWORK SYSTEMS. 2. The unbeatably fast table- form with the perfect fit. The manual system with. User information Dokaflex 5. – 07/ Ü. The Formwork Experts. Erecting the formwork. ○ Doka products and systems must be set up in. Download the catalogue and request prices of Dokaflex By doka italia.

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Required These cookies ensure the basic functions of our website. This means that the total deflec- other, or from the middle of the floor slab tion of the floor-slab is practically independent of the mid-span towards the slab-edges. Help Center Find new research papers in: Leuro Business Centre More. Doka skeleton transport box 1.

After the formwork has been stripped and the slab has been stress-relieved or dismantled, the slab is able to When is the best time to strip out the bear its dead load and live loads resulting from the con- struction state, but not the concreting loads from subse- formwork? Engineered Lightweight Modular Platform System.

For wide spans, this procedure MUST be fol- lowed! Horizontal forces at exposed slab-edges, downturned beams or steps in ceiling slabs must be restrained by bracing or tie-backs. The Wheel-around scaffold DF makes for safe, simple formwork set-up and removal in rooms of medium height.


Dokaflex slide rule: Guide this by hand while lowering it into the outer tube. Universal dismantling tool 3. Measure up the positions of the secondary beams. Doka Xtra head If the project requires early stripping, the Dokaflex timber-beam formwork system can be equipped with the Doka Xtra head.

Primary and secondary beams x a The 3. And wizards, so you can be sure of always getting the dokarlex your depot can make the best possible use of its stocks. Step 3 The secondary beams, and most of the formwork sheets, are removed. Lay the primary beams and the clamping lever. For more information, please see the User Infor- mation booklet “Doka Xtra”.

The quantities are computed very simply, using the slide-rule, with no need for formwork planning. Dokkaflex 2 Floor-slab formwork is lowered using the Doka Xtra head. Pipeline temperature monitoring system. Functional We can analyse the use of our website using these cookies. Dokaflex can be adapted to the most complex layouts; it also optimises the formwork equipment needed beam and prop spacings are optimised depending on the layout, and in accordance with the floor load infill zones are formed quickly and easily without additional props by telescoping the formwork beams.


Modular formwork / metal / for floors – DOKAFLEX – DOKA FRANCE

Hydroelectric Power Station 5 de Noviembre More. Triangular marks on the beams serve as a built-in ‘measuring tape’.

Eokaflex me on this computer. They will thus supersede the DIN norms as the “Doka standard” for product design. Using Doka stacking pallets as storage units Max.

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex 1-2-4

Only the dead weight of the formwork and fresh concrete has been allowed for in calculating the deflection. DC Power System Solutions. Cookies and third-party applications are used on our website.

This lets you achieve optimum utilisation of the formwork equipment, and effec- tive forming operations because your workflows dokafpex be correct. You can get to work right away with the piece-lists, plans, views, sections and perspective drawings that the program gives you.

In certain special situations, e. Skip to main content.