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When he retired, his wife and son bought it for him. The build quality of the die-cast-based pads is exemplary, as we would expect from the Japanese giant. Its very old and the sounds are very dated i would pass on it. Highly recommended for the right price. It takes a while to get things into shape when you grapple with individual clamps and rack legs for the first time, but regular Xtreme giggers will soon have their own set-up routine down pat.

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There’s much that’s agreeable about the physical attributes of the DTXtreme. There seems to be a base of fans who hold the opinion that this one of “the kits” to have and it still holds up today.

There is, however, a lack of dynamic three-dimensional character to much of what’s on offer, and as such the out-of-the-box sound of the Xtreme isn’t as engaging iie that of some admittedly more expensive electronic kits we have come across. Highly recommended for the right price. I do not have any Yamaha mounting hardware for the triggers though; I kept all that for my own kit.

DTXTREME IIS – FAQs – Yamaha United States

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All knobs and buttons work. Help Contact Us Go to top. The build quality of the die-cast-based pads is exemplary, as we would expect from the Japanese giant.


I am trying to get a handle on how to maximise my budget and it is coming down to two options: Leaving opinions about rubber pads versus mesh heads to one side for the moment, the five-pad, three-‘cymbal’ and hi-hat array looks very proper.

Regards from Ye Olde Englande. What would you think of buying it for the jis and upgrading the module? Image 2 of 6 The five-pad, three-‘cymbal’ and hi-hat array looks very proper.


The choice of sounds on offer is typical of a modern drum module – there’s a wide range of acoustic-emulating kits varying from slick ‘studio session’ sets with tight, bright toms to chunkier arena rock choices with depth-charged bass drums and snares. The DTXtreme IIS sticks to the theme in terms of its capabilities and relative affordability; its physical attributes are appealing and it feels better to play than kits with smaller playing surfaces. The price includes pedal, stool etc, but I’m not worried about that.

Snare stand is very basic and the rack is missing a few pieces but with the included stands, you’ve got a co Loads o’ synth modules. Great – thank you. Our Verdict Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, the big DTX already has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly.

You can load your own samples into it – something that even today a lot of modules can’t do apart from Yamaha.


If this is your first visit, you will have to register before you can post or view specific content. It’s great for workaday tasks – practice, rehearsals, songwriting surely the most common uses for such set-ups – but lacks that magic sparkle to make it really special.

Purchased when new, never gigged with, lightly used for solo practice, and packed away Also shop in Also shop in.

Yamaha Dtxtreme: Drums | eBay

So, my questions are: Feel free to send me his details Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post. Here is what you get And the kit proves to be just that. The DTX range has won lots of fans for Yamaha over the years and with good reason – the kits are well priced and offer real functionality. All in all, there’s more info in your last three posts than I’ve found in two weeks of googling! Have spoken to the seller – he says yes, I know it’s ten years old, in perfect working order with very little wear and tear; never been gigged.

Has all the tone and vibes you’d expect from a high-end electronic drum set. Perhaps the hardest to work around is the way in which the hi-hat works and feels.