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You can even sell their children to make more money, but be warned, for it will make your parent cows unhappy, probably even giving less graded milk! It’s not like in the other games where they keep growing until the season ends. But once you cook about 20 dishes, you will get more choices of different recipes. Multiply that times all the fruit, and even the different trees, and consider yourself the ruler of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Gustafa Hippie guy What he likes: I suggest you give him old coins he says they are yummy

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I’m glad that I am getting a lot of emails, but remember that I cannot always answer all of them. You will get in when you walk into her house and she will say that she doesn’t know how to use it so she just gives it to you. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

They can give some money and can be used to woo your girlfriend. Ruby Tim’s wife What she likes: The fastest I ever got a sheep to give Golden Wool was thoughout one season!

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Then just have your cow that stopped their milking pregnant, and continue this process. Romana old lady, sometimes in wheel chair What she likes: You might find getting these items a lot easier than you think! A Wonderful Life neofans1 yahoo. But if you actually want to find something, you could still keep on digging even if you dug in that square before.


If you give him these items starting from the beginning of the game you will get the seed maker around Summer maybe. Make sure you leave some space if you want the ducks that come along in the summer, 2nd chapter. What I’ve noticed is that when crops go up one rank their selling price will go up by 10G. Unless this game had a communist system, you couldn’t buy any of that stuff, especially the expensive buildings like the 11000g Room and Al Processing Room.

I will continue this until I find something else to add.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

It’s not like wal the other games where they keep growing until the season ends. Carter will take it from you once you leave. This watering can is meant for trees since it can only hold up to one space of land – Thanks to ChIpMuNk, and Jon Clark V. But try not to get too many sheep.

al Although you cannot make a huge profit, you could use one flower called the Upseed and mix it with a crop or seed bag not sure and you will get it S Class. The real secret to trees is that instead of selling or giving the fruit they produce, use the very handy Seed-Maker to make 2 bags per fruit your tree makes.

Sheep are pretty good too, first time you get one, it will not be profitable at all, but once it starts to produce Golden Wool, it will be a lot better. But I suggest you always have one cow pregnant, and one cow giving milk, so once one cow will finish their milking limit, your other cow will give birth and start their 40 day limit.


I say no because you awll get a lot of money real fast and you will be able to buy all the expensive stuff really early. This also goes with ores and every other item.

If you didn’t get them just wait till next year. You then end up awp the tool shed and he talks some more. You could also sell them to Van if you don’t want them, but if you want to keep them, it’s always fine. Crops Now we go on to 3.

Animals I won’t go very detailed into animals because there is already a whole FAQ on it. The best time to dig though dcon early in the morning around 9: Tim Ruby’s husband What he likes: Introduction Harvest Moon is a simulation game where you are a farmer. FAQ These are the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ I made wwl of them myself, and put the ones that I see appear frequently in the message boards.