Network and Wireless Cards


Printer door is opened. After card issuance is complete, the printer returns to the Ready mode. Retransfer defect may occur. As such, set the values after trying out under the environment where it is to be used. Replace the retransfer film.

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Use these to switch to the following screens. It may take a while for printing to start when the retransfer temperature is changed.

The printer needs to be repaired. For specifying the coercivity with respect to the ISO erisecure stripe. Under normal conditions, the icon at the bottom left appears. Unplug the cable connecting the laminator to the printer, and plug in again.

Looking for EDIsecure XID Driver or Firmware Updates?

Savings are automatic – no coupon code required. The icon is displayed in the task bar. Use them only for single-sided printing. Invalid TAG Data In addition, we offer order quantity discounts and many promotions such as our ongoing trade-in program.


Card Jam happens in the printer.

With the bend newtork station, you can ensure your identification or security cards conform to standards and are consistent no matter what card materials are used. The printer may not start up if update of the firmware fails.

Doing so ends the IP Sec setting for the printer. Internet connected computer with modern web browser. Add ID Software Options: Every customer receives our comprehensive ID Zone Advantage coverage at no additional cost, which includes:.

Matica EDIsecure XID 8300 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Single-Sided Lamination

We’re Here to Help! An optimal value for the retransfer speed and temperature settings is displayed according to the selected card. Refer to Pages 13 and 15 of this manual.

Retransfer Film is broken. Plus, the printhead is never in contact with the card with reverse transfer printing, which minimizes the risk of printhead damage and downtime. Room D Lonsdale Center No.

EDIsecure 8300 Dual-Sided ID Card System

Cost per edisexure is based on the use of composite cards. Refer to Page 16 of this manual. Displays the type of retransfer film mounted. If [OK] is clicked, the status monitor can run, but it is only displayed, without enabling the printer settings.


Open or double-click the icon of the status monitor, it runs by a user without administrator authority.

Matica EDIsecure XID ID Card Printer Dual-Sided w/ Lamination

Illustrations used in this manual may differ slightly from the actual product. Minimizes edisdcure status monitor to an icon.

Additional encoding options may be available – call us! Displays the remaining retransfer film quantity in 10 different levels in percentage.

Use the status monitor only when the power of the printer is turned on. The buzzer does not sound if you disable this feature.