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Please share our article, every link counts! The ports remain the same Still, it’s a fine machine and comes out cheaper, and with a longer life, than the current shipment of Winds. Don’t show this again. The SD card slot offers a good opportunity to boost the hard-drive space, letting you pop in your own flash memory, adding to the built-in 12GB 4GB is on the motherboard, and there’s an 8GB SSD chip under a user accessible panel on the bottom of the system. This key has an icon of a touchpad on it, which indicates it’s the hot key for enabling and disabling the touchpad.

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The not very strong Atom processor isn’t supported by a graphic card which accelerates the video decoding. The problem is that the budget mini notebook market has exploded in recent months, with many capable alternatives on the market. The dominate display hinge was a bit stiff both hands were required for opening in our test device but made no disturbing noises. The Eee PC is the first laptop we’ve gotten our hands on with Intel’s new Atom processor, specifically designed for small, low-power Netbook-style devices such as this we’ve since reviewed the MSI Wind U and updated the performance charts here.

To keep up with the competition, Asus will have to double down on either price or performance in tojchpad versions of the Eee PC, or face being squeezed out of a market it almost single-handedly created.


How to Disable the ASUS Eee PC TouchPad

Please share our article, every link counts! PCMark05 generally provides an accurate indication of overall system performance, but the Eee PC produced a score much lower than its “real world” performance.

Even if the was slightly cheaper, we’d still go for the HP Spectre x 13 late Eee PC versus. The power switch has moved houchpad the hinge area into a silver bar above the keyboard.

Needless to say, this was rather impressive. Switched off, the power supply still drew 0. Intel is already purportedly working on a new generation of dual-core Atom chips that may improve performance while multitasking. A feature of the small netbook is the used SDD drives. The plastic case makes a very stable impression and barely twists itself in the test.

ASUS Eee PC 901 Netbook Palmrest & Touchpad White TS13GOA0B6AP060

Tluchpad, the Eee PC is a snappy little budget notebook. Besides the new CPU, the design has also been turned inside out and updated. In any case, the screen on our review unit was free from any problems such as stuck pixels and color and backlighting were both excellent. Sophisticated up-to-date 3D games can’t be played smoothly, though. This acts as a toggle switch that allows you to disable and re-enable the touchpad at will.

Fortunately, unlike the Eee PC 4G and Eee PCthe battery meter was accurate and always indicated when the power adapter was unplugged and gave correct estimates on battery life. The big 6 cell battery makes it possible to stay independent from a socket for 7 h.

Eee PC Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA

CNet We’ve been impressed by the Asus Eee PC line from the very first 7-inch model in the fall ofand it seems as if every time we turn around, there’s a new version hitting store shelves. Touchpac was constantly on, changing its speed minimally but barely noticeable. Asus Eee PC The Asus Eee PC touuchpad the very small keyboard of the Eee and and therefore struggles furthermore with handling problems. This means that passwords get mangled, emails look like gibberish, and playing games that require keyboard commands becomes quite aggravating.


Review Asus Eee PC Netbook – Reviews

Last year our editorial staff was absolutely amazed tuochpad the original Eee PC. But it is not difficult to see why Asus is at the top of the netbook tree.

It looks nicer, has a faster, more efficient CPU and better battery life. In larger PDF documents i. The Asus Eee PC is a 8. The ports remain the same And the small keyboard makes it almost impossible to use the finger system without looking. The touchpad accepts, like the Eee PCMultitouch entries.

This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding