Epson Stylus D Printer User Guide Manual Technical details Pdf Viewer Operating Instructions. information about your product. Tip: Tips contain hints for better printing. Links to online resources. Movies and featured topics. Contents of on-screen manual. If you’re printing on paper, it is jammed in the printer. Press the paper button to eject the paper. If that doesn’t work, turn off the printer, open the cover, and.

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Turn off the printer, then open the cover and remove any jammed paper or other foreign objects. Be careful to select only the image itself and not the surrounding area. Make sure the paper settings are correct for your paper size. For Macintosh users Follow the steps below to clean the print head using the Head Cleaning utility. How to change or reset the default printer driver settings Windows On the Main tab, select plain papers as the Type setting and other paper settings as appropriate.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Experiment with a few sheets to examine actual results before printing the entire job. If you have a Macintosh, try using Automatic mode. Follow the on-screen instructions when reloading the printouts. Did you find this article helpful Yes No Thanks for leaving feedback. Close your other programs, including any screen savers and virus protection software, and install the software again. Make sure the USB cable is securely connected and meets the system requirements.

If the test page prints, make sure your software is installed correctly. Restart your Macintosh, then see the Start Here sheet to reinstall your software. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Adjust the print density.


Make sure your printer is turned on and the cable is securely connected at both ends.

Epson Stylus D120 Manuals

Double-click the Installer icon. To maintain print quality, we recommend printing a few pages at least once every month. If you are printing high-density data on plain paper by automatic 2-sided printing, set the Select Document Type either to Text with Photo or to Photo in the Print Density Adjustment window.

Click or Startand select Programs or All Programs. To avoid wasting ink, clean the print head only if print quality declines; for example, if the dpson is blurry or the color is incorrect nanual missing.

Doing so may damage the printer. Select one of the Select Document Type settings. Next, click on the Margins button. You can run a printer check to determine whether a problem comes from the printer itself or some other source. Can I f120 booklets with my Epson inkjet printer? We respect your privacy.

Support & Downloads – Epson Stylus D – Epson

Setup and Software Installation Problems. Print head cleaning consumes some ink. During this time, the colors may look different than you expect.

Select the Page Layout tab. Make sure the paper is positioned all the way to the right of the sheet feeder. Your printed colors can manyal exactly match your on-screen colors. This allows you to create A5 booklets easily with A4 paper. Check the message that appears on your screen to determine which cartridge is nearly expended or follow the instructions in Checking the Ink Status.

When you select Portrait as the Orientation setting, the Left or Right binding positions are available. Make sure letter-size plain paper is loaded in the printer.


Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. If you are using a Mac OS X Do not start the Head Cleaning or Nozzle Check utility while printing is in progress; otherwise, epdon printout may be marred.

Use the expansion setting to adjust how the image fits on the page. For example, select Wpson Tray if paper is loaded from the front, or select Cassette 1 or Cassette 2 if your product has multiple paper cassette trays. Remove the instruction sheet from the sticky side of the cleaning sheet. Then msnual into the checkbox beside Folded Booklet. If the pattern has gaps, you need to clean the print head.

If the test page prints, the problem probably lies in your software settings, the cable, or your computer. Make sure that the Copies option in your printer or application software is not set for multiple copies.

Also make sure no packing material remains in the printer. Mabual print quality has not improved after repeating this procedure four or five times, turn the printer off and leave it alone overnight.

Then reconnect the cable and turn on your printer and computer. Click OK to return to the Page Layout window. Do one of the following: Make sure your system meets the requirements listed in System Requirements.