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Should I (the sponsor) fill out question 2 part B of Supplementary Information imm ? In the second question part A it says you (the princple. IMM () E. PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED – B. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION. YOUR TRAVELS. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM I will very happily give them the same info again, if only I could download form IMM E! It seems to be unavailable on the CIC website.

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Originally Posted by alandoug. Hi Never changed the goalposts.

Find application forms and guides

Jul 6th4: Some guys who have put down holiday trips only have got through ok, but she said that may have been down to the individual case officer be okay with it, so to be honest its the luck of the draw. We have already provided the details they are asking for, but they want us to supply details again about the 3 trips which Alan had to Suriname in I explained i was not able to give exact but only approx length of time, and she said put a covering letter in also to explain why only approx.


I will try the Google Chrome fix for next time, thanks again Grant! Jul 5th2: Will have to do my English test soon, I know it’s booked up way in advance. Should I send them a letter along with a corrected form?

As a long haul truck driver hired by a Canadian company, part of the criteria is you have European driving experience so 55562 stated they would then expect some entries for the trips. Pls visit this link: Jul 5th4: Jul 5th3: The time working for a Canadian company outside Canada counts for maintaining your PR status.

When should I expect my 2nd AOR? Just save the document if you hover towards the bottom right of the screen you should see the PDF options and then open it up in windows. Pay attention to what he says. What should I do?

Go To Topic Listing Application. Yes that is the one I have been having problems with. Jul 21st2: While filliong the form I thought it was 18 years or younger.

Sep ISBUpdated forms request: Ok mr knowitall,im a long haul truck driver i have been since i came to canada i have a home in canada since i came, i have my PR after 2yrs in canada,I work for a canadian company i drive to the USA constantly,im home only 6 days a month,every month since i arrived,how long would it take for me to be eligble for citizenship?


Type the following in the address bar and press enter. There is a friendly immigration agent I have consulted from time to time, I’ll PM you his number if you need it?

Find application forms and guides

No need to be snarky! Find More Posts by Sats Its been more than 4 months to my AOR and about 2 months when I sent them the docs. Watt really nice to work for.

Whitehorse attracts me as I’d love to do it, but it would be a big step back PR wise to do it now. Thanks Immica, I have sent the updated form with a letter of explanation, also, I have sent my docs about 2 months ago, it still not says online that “Documents received”. We at last had some progress on our application.

It took me a few hours to figure this one out and if you ask me now how I did it, I will not be able to tell you!