Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with The Vatican & the Holocaust: A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews To the Sacred College of Cardinals Pius XII wrote on June 2, “Every word that The name was created from the first letter of the German name Geheime Staats Polizei. Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration: Essays in Honor of Roland K. Harrison, ed. by. Avraham Gileadi. . d’angdlologie a propos de Testament de Juda 25,2,’ by Andre Caquot (pp. );. “Lutilisation des .. () ; “The Upside- Down Tree on the Vatican Hill” (pp. ) = . ); “Het ‘geheime Markus evangelie’. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican.

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Pius XII’s silence, let us remember, extended to persecutions of Catholics as well.

The Russian-Israeli-Iranian conundrum in Syria – Asia Times

Note 42 Quoted in Adolph, op. Jewish refugees in France holding Paraguayan passports in and approached the Vatican for help, fearing that recognition of their papers would be withdrawn by that South American government; through the apostolic delegate in Paraguay, the Pope obtained assurances that the passports would continue to be valid.

We have been comforted to hear.

He replied that his only regret was that he yeheimvatikan not able to save many more Jews. On April 7,Rabbi Safran of Bucharest paid tribute to the Catholic Church’s activities on behalf of Romanian Jews in a letter to the papal nuncio:. These duties and these rights come from God.

Meier Mendes, who recently recalled in a Catholic newspaper the efforts made on behalf of his family in In there were some 50, Jews in Italy; inthere 46, of whom 30, were Italians and 16, refugees from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, France, and other countries. One of the foremost of these was Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog of Jerusalem, to whom the Pope gave the beheimvatikan that he would do everything in his power to help the persecuted Jews.


God wills it and the Church wills it. American Jews put large sums into the hands of the Pope, who distributed them according to the wishes of the donors; Father Leiber estimates that Pius received some 2 billion lire from Jews in the United States by the end of Providence, Rhode IslandU.

Wolfsson, came to Rome after having been in prison and concentration camps. As Archbishop Andrea Cassulo, papal nuncio in Romaniasaid in June,I must proceed cautiously because [my israls could ruin, instead of being useful to, so many wretched persons whom I must often listen to and help. What is the case against Pius XII? There is considerable documentation in support of Pope Pius’ fear that a formal statement would worsen, not improve, conditions for the persecuted.

His means were deliberately quiet; we know how strongly he felt that any direct attack by the Vatican on Axis policies would spell at least interference with and at worst complete contravention of the Church’s activities. What was his response to the evils being committed almost literally under his windows, since the Jewish ghetto geheijvatikan Rome was so near the Vatican?

The first, from Archbishop later Cardinal Jules Gerard Saliege of Toulouse and read on August 23, strongly echoed the principles stressed over and over by Pius:.

Recalling those terrible days, the Wolfssons recently declared:. It, therefore, is a very clear form of apartheid.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim | Middle East Eye

Said the Catholic newspaper Appel des ClochesIn communing and praying this Sunday for the persecuted Jewish people who were once Christ’s chosen people, we shall be isrraels in accordance with the directives issued by His Eminence the Bishop.

The secret dossier allegedly compiled by Mr Gotti Tedeschi was discovered by Carabinieri police after they raided his home and office in Milan and Piacenza, both in northern Italy, on Tuesday. More important, it is Vatican practice not to open its archives on any period in history until several decades have passed.

The government of Brazil, for instance, supplied entry visas at first intended for Jewish geheimgatikan to Catholicism, but that they were used by practicing Jews is undisputed.


The mass media have filled us with the sickening count of the lives sacrificed by the Nazis to their theory of racial purity; what we do not know is how many lives israles saved by the humane work of such men as Pius XII.

That the Pope was deeply antagonistic to the racism the National-Socialists advocated is evident from his work prior to his election to the papacy. No Christian dares forget that! The point is, the Russians are not one-dimensional men.

Mr Gotti Tedeschi appeared to have compiled the dossier as a means of him defending himself against charges of incompetency, mismanagement and possible money laundering.

It is sad to have to say that during the entire war, while the laboratories of death worked to capacity, the Pope kept his silence.

David Kertzer

Priests and even high prelates did things that will forever be an honor to Catholicism. Vatican accuses media of trying to imitate Da Vinci code author Dan Brown. To substantiate his accusation, Mr. The Catholic Historical Review. The Polish cardinal, Prince Sapieha, begged Pius XII not to make public protests, as they only increased the persecution of his people.

Retrieved April 7, Are some of the Catholics of Europe, who should be forever grateful to Pope Pius for not putting them to the agonizing choice between country and church, perhaps relieved to see blame heaped on another head?

Message Urging a Charitable Peace. Note 56 Leiber, op. Note 31 Quoted in Friedman, op. Clearly, in these complex circumstances, it is unrealistic to expect Russia to be party to any Israeli agenda to vanquish the Iranian and Hezbollah presence israes Syrian territory. Note 35 Quoted in John M. Poliakov’s position, then, is essentially negative, though with noteworthy qualifications:.

Note 57 See Joseph L. Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography