Most Imperial ships use a network of zuchai crystals for this task. Jump torpedos or drones unmanned vehicles or weapons , under tons, do not work with current TL technology. As an extension of the Jump Eversion Device, it might be possible to manipulate the boundary to extend the range of the Jump Sickness effect to the point of it becoming a useful offensive weapon. Most believe it to be a gravitic effect. But I was thinking yesterday of flipping that. Earth in had an available power of 1.

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The Saturnurnian system has tolerable radiation I seem to remember. Everting a bubble of Jump Space into normal space jumpdirve be a complex process.

But I was thinking yesterday of flipping that. When I tfaveller home, I will see if I can find the titles of the books. Free traders can definitely make money. As for Dualspace TechnologyDualspace Biology is an extension of Jumpspace Biology to create living things that can function in both normal and Jump space. The key characteristic of a jump drive as the term jumpsrive usually used is that it allows a starship to be instantaneously teleported between two points.

There’s the FTL drive from the short story Godspeed that when used pinched off the solar system into its own pocket universe.

Jump Drive

Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Articles that may contain original research from September All articles that may contain original research Articles with multiple maintenance issues. A basic rule of thumb is that a starship requires fuel storage equal to its rating as a percentage of mass.


This is not a trivial improvement in cargo capacity! Content is available under Traveller Copyright.

travellef This article has multiple issues. A normal Jump Drive inserts a bubble of normal space into Jumpspace though which it travels to its destination. As part of the increasing understanding of the Jump Drive and the science that underpins it, at TL24 or so it might become possible to build sensors that can operate from normal space into Jumpspace, returning information on Jumpspace and how and what its own laws of nature are.

However, it would make more sense to use water for cooling as it is easier to handle, denser and has a higher thermal capacity An extension of the Jump Eversion Device, this creates a ‘nested’ pair of bubbles, with a bubble of normal space inside one of Jumpspace all in normal space.

Similar wormhole technology was also explored in the season finale of Stargate: Here’s the thing-for all it sucks, if a d-ton freighter landed tomorrow with examples of the technology and instructions on how to make more, we’d be all over it. The Arcangel jumps in the Hyperion series rather suck. When initially introduced they can reduce the distance at which a ship can safely jump to some 10 diameters; this would probably be at roughly TL An extension of the Drop Tank concept trxveller which not just the fuel is external to the starship, but also parts of the Jump Drive.

Still works for rads -well, except when it is a particle beam Four-dimensional travel 3 of space, 1 of time known as Space-time. Starships can coordinate jump travel with exact timing.


In Megatraveller, a fission power plant uses 0.

Multiples of Light Speed It is quite likely that Megacorporations would trafeller use of this method as a means of increasing their tgaveller line. As for ships that depend entirely on drop tanks, Drop Drive ships are very dependent on the presence of infrastructure to provide the energy they need to Jump, even more so than Drop Tank-dependant ships as they, at least, can use fuel bladders if required.

Please refer to the following AAB library data for further information:.

Traveller: Jump Drive Thoughts and Ideas

My only reservation is the redundancy of free-traders and trade speculation. From all of this a starship going into Jump should generate vast amounts of heat and waste gasses. XonNov 19, In addition, it is possible that, with enough understanding of this process, and the technology to implement that understanding, that misjumps can be harnessed and controlled. Some theoretical physicists prefer to call it Alternate Space or Other Space.

Higher levels of technology also serve to make the Roughener more effective, so that activating a Jump drive within the affected region has a chance of Misjump more as if the starship were closer than 10 diameters of a large body, or even on its surface The benefit of jump is that the time required is relatively invariant – about one week.