Kadambari: Bana: great work, the prose romance Kadambari, is named for the heroine of the novel. The book describes the affairs of two sets of lovers through. “Bana is among the three most important prose writers in classical Sanskrit, all of whom Kadambari is a lyrical prose romance that narrates the love story of. The Kadambari Of Bana has 5 ratings and 1 review. Dirk said: In a word ornate. This 7th century novel was originally written in India in Sanskrit. It is.

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Jun 14, Dirk rated it liked it. AVho was he in a former birth, and how was he born in the form of a bird? This article is about a Sanskrit novel. The Kadambari of Banabhatta: What regions unsubdued, for thee to subdue? The hall showed as though walled with crystal by reason of the white silk that draped its ends ; the jewelled floor was watered to coolness with sandal-water, to which was added very fragrant musk ; the pure mosaic was ceaselessly strewn with masses of blossoms, as the sky with its bevy of stars; 36 many a golden pillar shone forth, purified with scented water, and decked with countless images, as though with the household gods in their niches ; aloe spread its fragrance richly ; the whole was dominated by an alcove, which held a couch white as a kadamnari after storm, with a flower-scented covering, a pillow of fine linen kadambri the head, castors encrusted with gems, and a jewelled footstool by its side, like the peak of Himalaya to behold.

OH He was accompanied by houndn of every colour, wliicli were his familiar friends; tlioy showed their weariness by tongues that, dry as they were, seoniod l y their natural pinkness to drip deer’s blood, and which hung down far from tiredness ; as their mouths were open they raised the corners of their lips and showed their flashing teeth clearly, like a lion’s mane caught between the teeth ; their throats were covered with strings of cowries, and they were hacked by blows from the large boars’ tuf-ks ; though but small, from their great strength they were like lions’ cubs with their manes ungrown ; they were skilled in initiating the does in widow- hood ; with them came their wives, very large, like lionesses coming to beg an amnesty for the lions.

And when the sun had vanished, the lotus-bed, in the grief of bereavement, seemed to perform a vow in the hopes of rejoining the lord of day, for she lifted the goblets bsna her buds, and wore the fine baana vesture of her hamsas, and was girt with the sacrificial thread of white filaments, and bore a circle of bees as her rosary. Like a creeper, she is ever a parasite.

The Kadambari Of Bana

Tho four N’odan, that havo long dwelt in tho four lotuH-moutliH of lirahma, iind horo thoir hoHt and most iitiing homo. Thou at least art untouched!


Many of the characters appear in multiple incarnations, some as humans and some as demigods or animals. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The first I owe to the kindness of Professor C.

kdaambari Rajalakshmi Ramesh marked it as to-read Mar 29, The rays of her anklets, rising in flame-colour, seemed to encircle her as with the arms of Agni, as though, by his love for her beauty, he would purify the stain of her birth, and so set the Creator at naught. Of what ascetic is he the son?

Full text of “The Kadambari of Bana”

How is he named? And when I see the courteous welcome, rich in kindness, of this maiden, fair though she be with a beauty rare in? Though its leaves are thin with ago, this lord of the forest still looks green with dense foliage, as they rest upon it day and nigiit.

What bright deed of merit was done by Earth that she has won thee as lord? Thus thou must often be told at length. Bow the heads of thy foes ; raise the host of thy friends ; after thy coronation wander round the world for conquest; and bring under thy sway the earth with its seven continents subdued of yore by thy father.

He then bade the portress, who was at hand, to fetch Vai9ampayana from the women’s apartments, for he had become curious to learn his story. Prinatgi rated it really liked it Sep 13, How far did he follow us? Moreover, after initiation, he led him through the whole circle of the arts.

At that moment the globe of the moon lost all the glow of its rising, like the frontal bone of the elephant Airfivata when its red lead is washed away by plunging into the heavenly stream ; and his highness the cold- shedder had gradually risen high in the sky, and by his light had whitened the earth as with lime-dust ; the breezes of early night were blowing, slackened in their course by the cold dew, aromatic with the scent ladambari opening moon- lotuses, and gladly welcomed by the deer, who, with eyes weighed down by the approach of sleep, and eyelashes clinging together, were beginning to ruminate bxna rest in quiet.

The Vidyadhara was a good or evil genius attending tlie gods. Then her betel-nut bearer, Makarikfi, who was always near her, said to the king: Let this too great honour be abandoned.

Changeful one, thy girdle presseth thee, and thou sufferest vainly! Why have I been so mad as to leave my followers behind and come so far? He was followed by a scanty retinue, as befitted so late a visit, and had the thick darkness of the courtyard dispelled by the brightness of the lamps of the women who went before him, though their steady flame ilickered in the wind.

Kadambari – Wikipedia

Shraddha marked it as to-read Sep 15, A half a page devoted to lapidary comparisons between the heroine and the moon in complex sentences with rigid parallel construction is nothing unusual. Let him be accepted as thine. Love -distraught, tie up thy hair!


She clings to the form of Narayaiia as if to learn constant change of form. What has fate begun? The sun’s orb hanging in the sky became crimson, sharing my heart’s glow ; the Lakshml of sunlight longing for the sight of the flushed sun, and preparing her lotus-couch, turned pale as though faint with love ; the sunbeams, rosy as they fell on waters dyed with red chalk, rose from the lotus-beds clustering like herds of woodland elephants ; the day, with an echo of the joyous neighing of the steeds of the sun’s chariot longing to rest after their descent of the sky, entered the caves of Mount Meru ; the lotus-beds, as the bees entered the folded leaves of the red lilies, seemed to close their eyes as though their hearts were darkened by a swoon at the sun’s departure ; the pairs of cakravakas, each taking the other’s heart, safely hidden in the hollow lotus-stalks whereof they had eaten together, were now parted ; and my umbrella-bearer approaching me, said as follows: Wherefore he, seeing my plight, was lillod with pity, and said to another young ascetic standing near: The hall of audience was astir on all sides with the sound of the anklets of the cowrie bearers as they disappeared in all directions, bearing the cowries on their shoulders, their gems tinkling at every step, broken by the cry of the kalahamsas, eager to drink the lotus honey ; 30 with the pleasant music of the jewelled girdles and wreaths of the dancing-girls coming to pay their respects as they struck their breast and sides ; with the cries of the kalahamsas of the palace lake, which, cliarmod by the sound of the anklets, whitened the broad steps of the hall of audience ; with the voices of the tame cranes, eager for the sound of the girdles, screaming more and more with a prolonged outcry, like the scratching of bell-metal ; with the heavy tramp on the floor of the hall of audience struck by the feet of a hundred neighbouring chiefs suddenly departing, which seemed to shake the earth like a hurricane ; with the cry of ‘ Look!

In a word ornate. For toacliing poui’H away like wator in a heart whattorod by the btroko of love’s arrow. I have even forgotten how, when my mother died, my father restrained his bitter grief, and from the day of my birth, old as he was, reckoned lightly in his deep love the great toil of gana me up with every care.