Demasiados Héroes was a strange piece, on one hand you had very skilled storytelling by Laura Restrepo in the way she portrays the clandestinity of the. Una novela sobre el conflicto generacional y la distancia entre madre e hijo con la dictadura argentina de fondo, de la mano de la ganadora. The novel ‘No place for heroes’ (Demasiados heroes) by the Colombian author, Laura Restrepo, resonated more with me since the story is.

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He behavior seemed erratic without any apparent explanation; swinging from terribly ch I received this book from a goodreads firstreads giveaway. Restrepo uses mini-stories within the novel to describe the path a mother takes to find her formerly kidnapped baby boy. If ueroes entered the giveaway for this and lost, please, please, please take it off my hands.

She had actually lived there for four years as a member of the underground demasiadow, married an Argentine and had a son from him in Buenos Aires. The translations feel like Spanish with English words, which simply make the English feel full of choppy or run-on sentences.

Mother and Father used to be in the “underground” in Argentina during the guerra sucia. The best part of the novel is the constant conversations between the mother who narrates the stories of her adventurous life and the adolescent son who questions everything she says in his irreverent way. She takes an assignment to smuggle passports, microfilms and secret stuff to Buenos Aires.

Demasiados héroes | Open Library

As Mateo is the actual protagonist in the “present” time of the novel, this is a serious flaw that turns a great story into a “hit and miss” experience, shame. I am of two-minds about this book. In she won t Laura Restrepo is a Colombian writer.

Restrepo has depicted the typical Argentine Macho spirit through Ramon’s emotional, reckless, moody, mysterious and adventurous character. This book would have been my ideal if 1 There had been no “present” time, because I truly loved the historical time and the parallels the author drew between the relationships in the story and the struggles against the Argentinean dictatorship; and 2 I had read it in Spanish.


No trivia or quizzes yet. And yet she awoke thinking that if Papaito wasn’t there with his soused breads, his overindulged ass and cattle, then she wasn’t quite sure what it was that she had inherited.

Although this is the first book I have read by the author, she is well-known and respected. Part of me wanted to credit it to the conflicting emotions he was going through regarding his father, but it didn’t come off as genuine.

Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes by Laura Restrepo | : Books

Throughout, the dialogue has an uneasiness to it that I suppose I will attribute to translation issues, thus the first 50 pages or so are difficult to get through. Either way, not for me.

The story is told mainly through dialogue between the characters and Lorenza telling Mateo stories about the past. This is probably due to the rfstrepo that there are three stories going on at once—the main story, and two main flashback-stories. Their amateurish acts and provocations were punished with inhuman and terrible suppression by the secret service and the dictatorship. Some people may hfroes and enjoy the book more than I did. None of the characters can ever make up their minds.

The topic was an interesting one, the Dirty War in Argentina during the 80s; however for me, the heart of the story was with Lorenza and Ramon when they are young revolutionaries, not when Lorenza is retelling her story to her son, Mateo, in present time.

I enjoy dark comic novels such as Augusten Demasiqdos and John Irving I guess this story and this author is just not for me. Denasiados mother spends a good part of the time telling the boy the story of how he and his father met, fell in love, then came apart. Es mas un 3. The novel really builds until the end, and there’s a final twist that is worth the wait. I have earlier read Restrepo’s other books: It’s a potentially rich concept, and the execution provides some very interesting themes and moments, but it has its flaws.


It seems the english translation is kinda poor too, judging by those negative reviews. The first part of the novel is a bit claustrophobic as the two characters go back and forth largely within the confines of themselves and their hotel room. laurra

No Place For Heroes

However, it is the presentation of the resistance itself and the fear in which they lived that are the most memorable parts of the book. Mother and son fight, but not with any profundity. Contains desaparecidos, broken relationships, convincing teenagerness, the humor of families, tender descriptions of Buenos Aires, and some really compelling writing.

She eestrepo inspired me to read some of her other works. Mother and son in search of father who has gone missing in Argentina. The real life of Laura Restrepo is also as fascinating as her novels.

I couldn’t figure out how old the son was This work trails a mother and son: The papers that certified this were on her night table. However, the novel sometimes feels a little false. The final 5 pages feel rushed, as if the author realized that something needed finally to happen in the “present” and threw together a quick, unsurprising ending.

This is a story about demasiaados Colombians, a mother and a son, who are visiting Buenos Demasiadso.