How would a PCI Express bus identify itself? For the person on a budget I think it’s one heck of a cranberry. We would have a laptop stand in the SUV so the dual adapter would dangle off to the side, if it gets unpugged on a PC whle it is downloading or not inserted first then the P2 card second the laptop would lock up driver problem and we would have to reboot. Much faster transfer than via firewire in my experience. That’s my main complaint with the Windows solutions- USB copying, yuck!

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Lenovo ThinkPad T61 PCMCIA Card Cage Board 42X | eBay

The thinkfinger package is not yet available in Debian’s pool but it’s sitting in the new queue already and targeted for experimental see for details. I heard people using z61 name but I had never seen one before.

I tried to pay attention to all of the choices for drivers and think I got the right one. I have a new Toshiba G for a desk top replacement but is a little elnovo 4.

Pfmcia could get an Addonics adapter and leave it stuck in one of the ExpressCard slots, I guess. Hi all, I’m looking for one of the large flaps for a 4: The X61 is very impressive when it comes to raw power in such a small package.


Sheltan Pretty sure the answer to your question is none, unless you can find one on the list that is still new. I just had to use a lot of force to get it in there so much force that I was afraid I oenovo going to damage the card or the slot.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

Apple PowerBooks are finally becoming inexpensive. With Vista the system likes to occasionally go wild in the background almost pegging the processor, eating up precious power from the battery at times. Svegetto Nov 27, I think there was a change in the Lejovo chip used in the X61 series compared to the X Do you guys know if it’s compatible? Barry, thanks for the list.

You can slap in more memory I reccomend 4gbupgrade the CPU, put in those gb ssd drives, attach external drives, bit vista, editing suite, etc. An ExpressCard module may use one or both of the standard interfaces depending on the application lenvoo. Our developers are working with HP engineering to fix this problem.

lenovo_x61s [GrmlWiki]

I’ve researched this and the biggest baddest IDE 2. It’s pretty amazing, that even the local IBM itself lenovp determine which port exactly their machine is supplied with! That’s not true, I’ve used 64GB cards in the slot reader.

The external USB 2. Add the new battery cost ontop of that ullanta But I personally haven’t tried one out.


An old IDE laptop can get the job done, typically at around a gigabyte per minute. Does anyone know if the dell vostro has one.

X61 has a PCMCIA slot right? But I can’t insert my Creative Sound PCMCIA sound card???

If you’re looking for a PC to offload, I recommend looking at the ones I listed. I found myself returning from a coffee break to the computer shutting itself down, only to have to spend another minute powering it back up.

The thinkpad-acpi provides several features like adjusting brightness of display, activating hardware,… Important: Works fine in AHCI mode: I wouldn’t be editing with it, merely offloading cards to the hard-drive and something like a MyPassport to take back to the Avid suite. I’m not sure if bit Vista drivers are available yet. Which extra buttons definitely work out-of-the-box: Works fine, even in grml live-mode.

Is there anyone who has used ExpressCards in a X61s on Linux, or even a graphics card? I just went to the panasonic website and it seems the replacement is the Toughbook-W7.