Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set. ” As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his. Revisión histórica del set ‘shiba luohan gong’ o ‘Qi-Gong de los 18 monjes iluminados’ perteneciente al estílo ‘Qixing TangLang Quan’ o ‘Mantis Religiosa de.

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Thereafter we finish the exercise and turn back to the starting position. Fragments from the book. The left hand is at head level, the right hand at eye level.

He holds regular seminar in these continents. During its practice, the muscles of legs, back, shoulders and arms are stretched and thus the martial artist learns to gain those few more inches that are crucial in an encounter.

It is much the same as when the moon reflects on the waters of a tranquil lake. It is also fundamental to mention the relationship of the breath and the mind. You can be a qigong practitioner without learning martial arts; but you can not be a martial artist without being a qigong practitioner. Shaolin Temple is known in the west for the Kung Fu movies and it may strike one as a contradiction that a group of Buddhist monks recognized for their compassion, who were vegetarians and lived a contemplative life are also well known by their skill in martial arts.

Then we change position to the other side.

In this age of information, when one has access to such a diversity of information and knowledge, it is very important to understand that Luohan Gong is not just another exercise to be introduced to the West. Luohan forms part of Wai Dan — the outer elixir.

Luohan Gong

An unhealthy back greatly diminishes the quality of life of the person, causes mental and emotional upheaval, the loss of billions of dollars in job absenteeism and an overall sense of despondency. For the martial yong this means that he will not stop after one punch is blocked but that he will continue without stopping to punch, block and kick without intervals, as continuous, as immediate, as the sounds that comes when the hands clap.

Shaolin treatises on pugilism say: The intelligent way the body is taught to stretch and move, coupled with the specific breathing patterns and the working of the mind are behind the extraordinary results luonan produces its practice. While doing so we shift our weight into the heals and lift the balls slightly.

That contains the mental aspect of training. At the beginning during the training of the Hands of the 18 Luohan, the practitioner is taught to be fully present Think of one thing to forget one thousand ; To execute each movement with YI intentionas Yi is the foundation of Qi Flow.

In process of executing the set of exercises gonh also learn to control your breath, which luojan to indirectly control your psychic and emotional state in combat conditions or under stress. He and his followers were non violent, spiritual seekers that filled with compassion, wanted to lead mankind out of its eternal luouan and so founded the Shaolin Monastery; a center for self transformation. As the Fong Teh Jing expresses: In Conclusion The Hands of luohzn 18 Luohan teaches and trains the martial artists to use the breath, and the mind and to use his body correctly to maximize his physical strength as well as to develop his inner power Chi and to use and to guide this energy to generate tremendous power in his strikes, blocks or kicks; but above all it teaches the martial artists the beauty, unity and harmony within and without.


We stand upright with legs closed.

Although in our days, combats are not to death and luoan arts has become in most cases a sport, it is true that still the martial artist is faced with pain and with a certain amount of stress and our organisms interpret these harmless combats, as imposing experiences that trigger our alarms systems, forcing the practitioner to a luohn degree of concentration and control of his thoughts and emotions.

It is also important to examine the role that Chinese medicine attributes to the breath; according to it, human beings have two ways of obtaining energy: For the martial arts it means to be fully there, lkohan body, mind and soul and at the same time to be free, to act and react. Now we sink into the left leg while pulling the arms apart on stomach level yong in an arch-like movement and with a slight tension — and lifting the left leg significantly.

After some practice any of your movements will be filled with the internal energy Qi without any effort of your consciousness.

THREE GATES | Luohan Gong THREE GATES | Exploring the World of Luohan Gong

The extremely potent manner in which it works the body with its demanding positions and movements of body, legs and arms, is specially suited to the martial artists. A healthy back on the other hand means a functional body that is able to adequately comply with personal objectives and professional obligations.

The concepts of relaxation both physical and mental ; the correct work of the leg positions for solidity as well as balance and liveliness in movement; the exercising of the waist, hips, back and shoulders; the coordination between the lower and upper body, the ability to develop different types of Gings relaxed explosive power and the extension and stretching practiced following the Ying and the Yang theory to increase the flexibility and elasticity of tendons and muscles as well as the draining of the energy channels, make this Qigong system an ideal training tool for both the beginning as well as the experienced martial artist of any system.

To understand this concept think of not letting a harsh word to reach the intended target by putting no opposition a drop of water on a lotus leaf will slide off or for a martial artist letting the right shoulder go back due to a push and thus naturally watching how the left one comes forward with a strike or saving energy by intercalating soft, yielding movements when needed, with forceful ones.


During the execution of the whole set of exercises breathing is even and deep, movements mainly are smooth and measured. Here lies ulohan important benefit in the practice of the Martial Arts for those interested in self development.

fong The Hands of the 18 Luohan teaches and trains the martial artists to use the breath, and the mind and to use his body correctly to maximize his physical strength as well as to develop his inner power Chi and to use and to guide this energy to generate tremendous power in his strikes, blocks or kicks; but above all it teaches the martial artists the beauty, unity and harmony within and without.

It was this particular characteristic that modeled the training and mentality of the martial artists and served as an important incentive for the practitioner to strive for the highest level in concentration and energy control.

The left hand supports pressing upwards at the level of the right elbow. The hands touch at the fingertips.

The Hands of the 18 Luohan with its low stances, its continuous shifting of the body weight from one leg to the other and its one leg standing position, strengthen the muscles and increase the balance. From a physical, mental, emotional, economical and spiritual point of view the importance of the spinal column cannot be.

Then we close legs and turn back to the centre. With our weight we tilt forwards in the direction of the left foot while the right fist is pulled above the head in the direction of the ball of the left foot and the left fist is pulled backwards.

Here follows a brief description and explanation of these principles as applied to the Martial Arts: For the spiritual seeker his enemies are inside, to overcome his own faults and shortcomings, for the other it is to prevail over others. But it is not enough to perform these four different types of movements, but they must be executed adequately, that is, on the different body planes and moving the vertebrae in the right sequence.

This system of physical, mental and spiritual development was created by combining exercises that Bodhidharma brought from India, plus his observation of the animals in nature, the movements of the crane, the tiger, the leopard, the snake, etc. All this energy that has been developing finds a further push by the action of the shoulders.

When the mind is calm and relaxed its sensitivity also increases; it perceives the outer phenomena much better and is able to react faster.