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The wheel is in excellent condition with only a few light scratches and is fully tested and works like new! The wheel worked well in every application. The right analog stick from Xbox controller’s set is absent, confirming the MS Xbox gamepad interchangeability as rarely workable. Of course, if ultimate performance from an Xbox wheel is expected, you should consider obtaining the brilliant ergonomic OpenWheeler game seat along with the Ferrari Italia or the more budget choice of a driving simulator cockpit represented by the Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit Italia. It’s not a cheap device, but if you want a good wheel and you want it now, the MC2 would certainly do the job. However, this comes from solid spring tension as opposed to loose mounting or poor build quality.

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Mad Catz Mc2 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PlayStation 1 and 2 Model Sluh-00061

Of course, if you’re using the shifter in manual mode, then half the buttons are a good distance away, mwd that’s the price of controlling your own shifting. All buttons are though nice to touch and responsive. While that sounds obvious, a quick glance at many of the available models will reveal that many simply seem to be circular controllers more than racing wheels.

Similarly, all of the buttons and controls feel excellent, with the possible exception of the D-pad, which is more an afterthought than a well-integrated part of the wheel. If you have any q When you push this button, two pairs or LEDs light up. Obviously, the MC2 impressed the hell out of me. There’s also a sequential gear stick.


The cord on the pedals is separated in several places but the pedal is still functions as it should.

Mad Catz MC2 for Xbox Review – IGN

They have been tested and work. The futuristic design is what attracts your attention from the very beginning. On the vertical spoke you find start and back buttons. For Play Station 2, Xbox.

It’s not a cheap device, but if you want a good wheel and you want it now, the MC2 would certainly do the job. Tested and seems to work. It was the first racing wheel set compatible to the Microsoft Xboxso being the very first certified Xbox steering wheel that you can still acquire, we believe a short test and a summary just need to be present.

The oval lines do somehow remind you of a mixture between a large city bus and Steering sensitivity adjusts for driving conditions and vertical-vector pedals won’t slide away while you drive.

This is a minor feature, but it looks cool and is actually accurate. Also shop in Also shop in.

Mad Catz isn’t the first company that comes to mind when I think of steering wheels, but the company is onto something with this one. The main action buttons are oversized, which is great for a racing wheel, and cm2 a healthy click when depressed. If you plan on placing it on a coffee table or desk then ctz have to use the suction cups. Item has been tested and in working condition has scuffs and scratches and other wear.


Mad Catz made m2 interesting choices for mounting the wheel. Additionally, a few useful extra features and comfortable design push the wheel comfortable into the “recommended” category. Another useful and innovative function is Mad Catz’s Accudrive system.

This page was last updated: The A, B, and white silver buttons are on the left wheel spoke. Of course, all this comes at a price.

The red lights show how much of a dead zone there is around the zero position. Mad Catz calls it the “vertical vector design. Lap adapters can be very useful, but they rarely work well. The powers cords are included as they are connected to both the pedals and whee Though there is no force feedback, the wheel offers an excellent amount of resistance. Another surprise, but a nice one is the 4-directional D-Pad at the center of the wheel circle.