Our scenario analysis using the Oxford Global Model shows that gold may perform especially strongly in more extreme economic scenarios featuring high inflation, a weak dollar and elevated levels of financial stress. With the assumption that all easy sources of gold are exhausted, rising production costs are likely to limit supply if prices fall back too far from their current high levels. The dollar also loses substantial ground in this scenario, due to high US inflation, relatively loose US monetary policy, and a faster pace of appreciation by China and other emerging countries, which try to avoid importing US inflation. The most common items that we are trained to work with include:. This marks it out from other commodities where substantial supply responses to price changes are possible, at least over the medium term. As such, they should be seen as largely illustrative, rather than prescriptive in terms of the optimal allocations estimated.

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A high inflation scenario featuring a wage-price spiral and lax monetary policy pushing inflation to double digits and ultimately leading to a sharp monetary tightening and recession.

Periods of mavison real interest rates ought to be especially positive for gold, and this contention is supported by studying the s when real interest rates were substantially negative for lengthy periods. Ex Rate is the US nominal effective exchange rate.

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The study and its results are subject to some limitations. Filed Pursuant To Rule These special properties are borne out in the recent performance of gold, and investors may continue to value them given the significant uncertainties still facing the global economy. The impact of inflation and. The early s experience shows that gold could yet peak significantly higher than current levels.

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Although house and share prices receive some initial support from the higher inflation environment, their performance stalls at the end of the scenario as recession ensues.


This once again suggests other factors are in play. Madixon expected, a rise in the real interest rate reduces the price of gold; the equation suggests that a basis point fall in the real interest rate will result in an initial 1.

As a result this term is relatively unimportant in normal times as the risk premium does not move very much but in times of crisis it is a significant driver of the price of gold.

An estimated equation for gold. This gives your company long-term savings ensuring you are getting the most out of your compressor. House prices 3 1 4 madisn. This helps to boost the performance of gold but higher real interest rates act as a compresssion drag on its performance.

Despite the many different institutional settings such as the Gold Standard, the Bretton Woods system and from masison free floating price for gold and the migration of gold from use as an everyday currency to an investment vehicle, the long run purchasing power of gold has remained remarkably stable over time.

Sum squared resid 0. Gold benefits in this analysis from the fact that it has a zero or negative correlation with other assets so its inclusion in the portfolio reduces the overall comperssion see table 5.

With maintenance services from our company, we ensure that your compressed air equipment runs at peak efficiency to minimize downtime. Equities perform better than all other assets except gold.

We find that because of its lack of correlation with other financial assets, gold has a useful role to play in stabilising the value of a portfolio even if the conservative assumption of a modest negative real annual return is made. In addition to these variables, we also found it necessary to include dummy variables for the last quarter of and the first two quarters of to improve the fit of the equation.


These shares vary somewhat from one end of the risk tolerance range to another, e. Share and house prices underperform.

Our scenario analysis considers four possible outcomes: The paper is organised as follows. In particular, they will move compreszion assets whose returns are negatively correlated with other assets as investors are attracted by the benefits of diversification.

China also suffers price falls due to large-scale spare capacity.

The impact of inflation and deflation on the case for gold Jul,

The huge financial shock is transmitted to the real economy through much weaker consumption and investment and results in the major economies slumping back into recession in andwith growth remaining subdued even in Fed balance sheet RHS. But this monetary tightening brings the economic recovery in the major economies to a halt in with US GDP stagnating and a mild recession in the eurozone.

Since the move to floating exchange rates in the early s, the external value of the US dollar has been a significant influence on short-term gold price movements.

As is standard in the error correction format, these variables were included as differences rather than absolute levels, so that in the long run when the price is in equilibrium their value is zero. Meanwhile, inflation in the major economies turns negative in and as a large volume of spare capacity builds up, with the price level only stabilising in in the US and continuing to fall in the eurozone and Japan even then.

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