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This comes with the Allen wrench to adjust the hinges. Some of the clubs are designed as training aids with a hinge mechanism, some are designed to resemble actual drivers or putter so you learn instantly your mistakes and enhance your swing. In fact, you can use this as your amateur driver on the course and receive instant feedback and learn how to properly train like the pros. With that, the reason for this is because women clubs tend to have a lighter shaft and crown design. Expand to see more Improves Your Swing This product is designed as a training aid.

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But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you’ll know you’re swinging correctly. Medicus Dual Hinge The full-length club design offers a high-quality grip and shaft so an individual can better his performance easily and effortlessly. With that, the reason for this is because women clubs tend to have a lighter shaft and crown design. Improves tempo and teaches swing path and plane.

Review Of Medicus Golf Clubs

The club head is free of any nicks or dings showing signs of normal use. Now, you can create power in your swing when you practice with this hittable weighted swing trainer.


This is the Medicus Overspin CB2 Cast Blade Golf Putter and we want to discuss two quality benefits that a golfer will appreciate from the design of this product.

Eliminates major swing flaws. Quality putter trainer included. Comes in quality packaging. Time to bring out the big guns.

My Review Of Medicus Golf Clubs And Training Aids

Used by top teaching pros. Correct your bad habit and improve your technique.

Instantly detect swing flaws. Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5.

Most importantly, it is a great product for golfers that want to perfect their swing style, but with a club resembling a wedge. The grip is a Poulin and is in good condition. TheMaximus Weighted Trainer is a Hittable 7-iron and is great for the range!

With lessons from different masters, the fact that you get DVDs to teach an individual how to swing is an excellent value. Hittable driver with instant feedback. Lie Angle 3 Birdie: Therefore, it gives the user a life-like experience when they swing. For instance, you can pick between three different shaft lengths, so you can pick the best match for you.

The hinged club will let you know when you are swinging incorrectly by breaking down at the point where there is a flaw in the swing. If you purchase this club I will pack it safely and ship it within 24 hours.


With that, they are very affordable and do not require a headcover because you most likely will not be transferring them.

Medicus Golf Club

Cost and Value As far as the price, what would you pay for an adjustable hinge quality club? In fact, the Medicus was voted the 1 golf swing trainer by golf professionals a whopping seven years in a row! Browse Related Browse Related.

As you know the hinges are adjustable on this trainer. Well, this putter is designed to minimize that lift by allowing a perfect shot every time due to the unique design. With an advanced weighting design that has a real-club feel, this product helps individuals understand where their swing needs a bit of growth and how they can better enhance their overall quality performance on the golf course. Even if you are an expert golfer, tools such as this are excellent in helping you learn and adjust your swing.

Whether you want a training aid with a dual hinge design or a life-like club that is designed for quality training, they have it all.